Sharing good experiences at Dior!

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  1. I read this very interesting discussion over at the “Dudes and Dior” thread and thought we could share our experiences at Dior.

    Personally I love shopping at Dior. I have my own SA. I will text her and let her know in advance before I pop by the boutique. I am no VIP, I don’t spend alot there. I don’t have desserts or champagne but I always have a good time chit chatting with her while browsing through the items.

    She will make it a point to be there when I visit, even come back on her off days for me. Once I was down, she talked to me and made sure I was ok although she was supposed to attend a Dior Homme event.

    She invited me to preview because she wanted to make sure I get to see the new stuff first hand. She was more excited than me when my SS20 Lady Dior arrived. Texted me before opening the carton and thereafter checked the bag for me.

    She is such a sweet lady and I am so happy to have her as my SA.

    During this tough period, we could share some sweet heart warming stories. Not to compare but to be happy that good service still exists!
  2. Yes, I am super happy with the service I receive at Dior. I'm not a huge spender by any means, but my SA makes sure I get exactly what I'm looking for. She gives me a heads up for things I may be interested in, invites me to store events and is very knowledgable about the product.
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  3. My sales associate is wonderful. All of the ones that served me at multiple Dior locations have been (even around the world). My current one has actually been communicating with me during this time. I mean, I initiated, but we were just chatting about the way things were going. I felt this was an important human touch.

    Back in January, I hadn't visited in a while and he asked me to come in. When I told him an available day which was coincidentally his day off, he said that he wanted to show me the collection so he came in anyway! It was nice of him, although I felt bad and originally asked him to reschedule until he was actually working.
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