Sharing experience - Replacing Dior watch battery

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  1. #1 Jun 25, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2016
    My relatively new Dior ceramic (Dior VIII) watch stopped working recently. Bought less than a year ago. I suspected the battery has gone flat so I asked my SA if I should bring the watch back to the boutique for battery replacement. She replied that I could go LVMH, their centralised place for servicing.

    Managed to find time yesterday to go after school at 6pm (they close at 7pm). Was kind of disappointed with the whole experience.

    LVMH service centre business arrangement is like a phone service center. Go there, take a Q number and wait for your turn in front of counter staff. Yes, the sofas looks nicer but everything else is no different from a phone service center. There was no privacy, I could hear the conversations of the counter staff and those between the customers and the staff. The staff also talked loudly to the mechanics who were seated just behind the counter, separated by a glass. Their decor focused on Tag Huer and Zenith. I guess they service all watches sold under LVMMH. When it was finally my turn, the counter staff scrutinised my watch and said I can only collect it the next working day. I told her that the SA claimed I could get it on the same day. She replied only if I bring it before 5pm. I felt a little cheated, the SA could have shared this info with me.

    Then she asked me to sign a service form. On it, she wrote "case scratched, bracelet scratched". I asked her where are the scratches - she could write them down more specifically and not a generic phrase that seems to suggest my entire watch is in a scratched condition. She replied that they don't do that. I was not pleased.

    I am disappointed. Service was so much better at Omega (the person explained things clearly to me, indicated clearly the area with visible scratch. No Q number, no waiting for more than 30mins) and I only paid half the price for my Omega watch.

    With such service standard, I doubt I will ever buy another Dior watch again.

    Is this the new norm for luxury watches?
  2. Isn't your watch under warranty?
    Where are you located by the way?

    I have a Louis Vuitton Tambour from 2004 and it still works perfectly.
  3. Yes, my watch is under warranty. I am in Singapore.

    Yes, I am also quite surprised that it stops working within a year... :sad:
  4. Quartz watches run out of battery sooner than you think because during their shelf life in the store, they are still running, which drains the battery. The quartz movement is ETA which is very reliable, and I'm sure it's not broken unless your watch was damaged.

    Was your watch actually scratched on the case and bracelet? It's rare on ceramic because it is a hard substance, but it can be scratched, and even chipped if dropped or banged against something. They have to note any damage in case they damage the watch during the repair, in which case they would have to replace the watch for you.

    I haven't actually gone to the LVMH repair center here in Toronto. I usually just drop my watch off at the Holts or Birks and they send it in for me. The only thing I don't like about it is the time it takes for me to get the watch back. It usually takes a while.

    If you are dissatisfied with your experience, then write to Dior customer service and they can investigate and contact the parties involved.
  5. Thanks averagejoe.... No, I can't see any scratches on my watch. Never dropped or banged my watch before. The counter staff said "non visible scratches", which is different from what she wrote. *sigh*

    I think there is no Dior customer service in Singapore. Might write using the international version. Not too keen to write as I get very angry when I recall the whole episode. Prefer never to buy from them again.
  6. I do agree that the after-sales service for Dior watches needs improving. For me, it's too slow and one time, they didn't even fix the problem (problem was not a fault of theirs, thankfully. The watch was almost 10 years old when I sent it in, which is great for an automatic watch). I had to send it back in two more times (although it was covered subsequently), and finally, it was completely fixed. Too bad I can't compare my experiences with other brands because all the nice watches I own are from Dior.
  7. Agree with you. Dior watches are relatively more expensive, service should be better. Isn't it all covered in their pricing? They are testing their customers' limits by coming up with such "acts". I just realised that they wrote "NO" to warranty even though I gave them my warranty card. *big sigh* (the counter staff asked to keep it). I hope they return me the warranty card once done. If anything bad happens, I am really going to blow my top.
  8. They took my warranty card too last time, but it was returned with my watch when I got it back.

    If it is under warranty, then the servicing will be complimentary. It doesn't matter if they check off the "no" box because your warranty card will travel with your watch.