Sharing bags :DD

  1. anyone share their bags with anyone?

    i share my bags with my mom..well sometimes..... like when she is clubing she can use one of my small chanels....

    the other month at ikea, i carried my mom's birkin [only for 30 mins.. she said it was heavy for her...]....

    we share nothing else besides

    i would borrow one of her fabulous shoes but i have bigger feet...
    [she says i have big fet for a 15yo]
  2. I let my mom borrow my bags and sometimes I borrow hers. I think I may have let my sister borrow my purse before but can't remember....
  3. I let my mom use them, but no one else seems to care.
  4. Nope. Mom doesn't like purses (fanny pack 4 lyfe) and mine just aren't my brother's style ;)
  5. no one shares with my bags.. live with bf.. even when mom was alive, we didn't borrow each other's stuff...
  6. Yes, sometimes i lend my bags to my sisters. I've got 3 sisters... so i always give them deadlines as to when the bags are to be back, but they're only allowed to borrow my bags if they promise to adhere to those deadlines :smile:
  7. No, but my mom and sis live in another state.
  8. yep with my sister. when she can afford to buy nice bags i'll be using hers. hehehe.
  9. My best friend has 4 little ones and doesn't spend a dime on herself! I end up giving her even some of my most favorites... She is so much fun to give to.... She gets all excited and struts around the house modeling it for her sons who could SO care less!
  10. I will with my mom and a couple close friends. Basically, if I'm not close enough to you to buy you a bag as a gift, I'm probably not going to lend you one.
  11. no :P
    i live on my own
  12. I'll lend dresses, jeans, even shoes but I'm weird about my bags! The women around me aren't bagfreaks, anyway.
  13. My mom uses my purses...YET she does not let me use hers!!!!
  14. sharing for me. It's ok when "I" scratch my bags, but if it's someone else......:cursing:
  15. I shared my bags with my sisters when we were living together.