Sharing an awful purchase experience with Dior Collins Street Melbourne

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  1. Awful purchase experience at Dior Collins street Melbourne, can't believe it just happened.
    Normally I'm the pay n go type of customer, first time order thing at Dior, don't know what to say now…just disappointment.
    Photo of the shoes source from Google.
  2. I'm sorry to hear that! I hope that Dior customer service can make this up to you.
  3. So sorry for your experience. Dior have to make up it for you.
  4. I hope you get them or a pair you like just as much
  5. Annoying, sure, but hardly worth such a rant. Wait for your shoes or get a refund.

  6. Yes, it is a rant and I think it totally worths the rant no matter you think it's worth or not. I also totally understand that you think it is nothing because it didn't happened on you.
  7. To be fair, I wouldn't behave like that if it did.

    You are buying designer goods, they are usually made in relatively small quantities. Sometimes you have to wait. I don't suppose your attitude did you any great favours in resolving the situation.

    You know, most people won't say this to you, but they'll think it. :P

  8. Yes, you will immediately get refund after you paid for your designer goods and the SA told you your item will be arrived within 5days and you waited a week the SA still telling you your item is on the way will be arrived soon and in the end when you went to the store the manager told you we don't have the item you ordered anymore in worldwide and you just get your refund happily. cheer for you.

    And you know, you just sounds like the store manager.[emoji4]
  9. Look, I agree it's not ideal, but these things happen. Best to smile, consider the pressures they are under and either wait for your shoes or take a refund. There are lots of great shoes out there, enjoy shopping for new ones.

  10. Look, I agree it is nothing for you because it didn't happened on you. But it's matter for me and I still need to fix it. I also need to thank you keeping update my post, the reason I post is to sharing my purchase experience and letting people know what kind of customer service Dior on Collins street Melbourne provided.
  11. I think that your advice is good, because a lot of waiting is required to get what we want at the end of the day, even if it means putting up with sales associates that make mistakes and withholding attitude from them in the meantime. Sometimes a bit of attitude may even get us further from what we want to get at the end.

    That being said, I think that Doutzen's rant is valid, because she wasn't satisfied as a customer, and Dior should try its best to keep its customers happy as a good business strategy. I totally understand being promised something, and then being frustrated when I find out that they can't deliver on their promise.
  12. Good customer experience is really important, but no, I don't think the customer is always right. Dior can be discerning, they don't want someone ranting and raving in their discreet and designer shop. All I'm saying is that Doutzen could do with calming down a bit, they will probably get better service that way.
  13. That kind of service is unacceptable and wasted the OPs time. I understand her being upset by the constant in-your-face lying. Many luxury stores have this lie-to-the customer mentality. I am surprised that some of the posters here would give the SAs benefit of the doubt and just calmly wait and smile even though the SAs are clearly lying or seriously incompetent - it's probably why these stores continue to behave this way.

    Personally, I would take the refund because I wouldn't trust them to deliver the product.
  14. Part of being on this forum is to be able to "share your thoughts"
    good bad or indifferent. We all can agree to disagree about

    Dior like many other major high end designer stores, "pride themselves
    on customer service", in this case Dior fell short, very short.

    Unless or until someone has experience this type of situation which
    can be frustrating & disappointing, the OP certainly has the right to "rant"
    & share her experience, which she has done..

    OP, hope this can be resolved to your satisfaction & that Dior will go
    above & beyond to make you "happy"..

  15. Seems like you've seen me "ranting and raving in their discreet and designer shop" according to several screenshots of the email I provided, and "I don't think the customer is always right" so it's all my fault as you know, is that what you want to say? Yes, it's my fault and the only mistake I made is I purchased the shoes at the beginning.
    I don't want to know who you really are, Dior's SA? Maybe. Dior' SA on Collins street? Maybe. but it's a complain post about the customer service of Dior on Collins street Melbourne, if you think I have no rights to post here please leave my post, if you think I can't say anything bad about Dior please leave, if you want to praise how wonderful the customer service of Dior Collins street is, please leave and create your own post with your excellent shopping experience on Dior Collins street.
    I will not reply your message anymore, it's pointless and just wasting my time. You are not the buyer, not the seller, not anyone who are involved in the whole thing, but acting like you know everything and every details, even clearer than me, so you can make the judgement and tell me it's all my fault. Hehe funny.🙃
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