Sharing a little piece of happiness with you guys

  1. I know that I have mentioned this to some of you (or you might have read it from my website), but now I would like to share with you all as the manager has officially approved this...

    Two weeks ago when I was at the LV store in here, the manager offered me to host a little party for me and my friends and the manager said that I can have a birthday party, or whatever party that I want. They would be more than happy to provide drinks and some snacks for us.

    At that time, as much as I was very happy I told the manager that I would like to think about this really great privilege.

    Two weeks later, I asked the manager if the offer is still up because I would like to have my China going-away party. I'm leaving China at the end of this month, so I think a going-away party is appropriate after being in this country for almost a year!

    The manager said yes, and even introduced me to the Customer Relationship Manager who will be the one helping me organising the party from the LV's end. The manager also told me that I should think how to make the party more fun, like having a themed party, bring videos to be played, etc. They are more than happy to accommodate!

    At the moment I'm not sure what theme will be it is, but I'm open to suggestions if anyone here have any?

    The party will be on 18th January, anyone from here is in Beijing at that time and have time to celebrate the event with me? :graucho:
  2. Leather party YAYYY
  3. Have a fun party and I hope you take lots of pics for all of us on here who can't make it !!!
  4. i would love to come but i cant
  5. That sounds fabulous, how lucky you are! I would fly to Beijing but I have summer semester assessment to finish :p Hope you have a wonderful time! As for themes, are you after a casual or more formal affair? And are you moving to Australia by any chance? :nuts: :p
  6. Sounds amazing! Enjoy your party!
  7. Luke... we talked about this leather party earlier remember? hahaha...

    I think I'm after a casual affair, I want to have the feeling that we are right at home.. with LV LOL!
  8. I know it's not very original, but the only thing I can think of for casual affairs is an all-white party. I have always wanted one of these - sorry if it's too boring for you though! It would bring out the bags though :p
  9. ^no, please dont feel that way. any help is always appreciated! :smile:
  10. me so jealous.... good on you :tup: i think an all white party is good. simple, elegant and easy to adhere to. or maybe a red one for Chinese New Year?
  11. A white-themed party sounds great, red-themed too. Leather party reminds me of... well, some kinky things.
  12. Wow, that's a great privilege! I would love to throw a party at my store.
    I like the idea of the "all white" party; all the different styles and colors of the bags would be wonderfull on the 'white canvases' :smile:
  13. Oh your party sounds wonderful!!!!

    I would love to go... Too bad I am in Singapore. :sad:
  14. all black party? looks great with the bags, esp. mirroir lol
  15. Sounds lovely.