Sharing a bit of my Inupiaq culture with you- *PICS*

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  1. Hey everybody- I just wanted to share some pics- these were things around my parents house -yea call me a loser if you want too but my DS and I are staying here for the summer (we do every summer so I can work) - if you came and visited me and saw Inupiaq culture IRL you'd understand how things work around here.

    Come visit me- book a ticket on Alaska Air and we can share the obsession of handbags in the most northern town in North America. heehee!!

    Anywhoo- here are some pics of various handcrafted items plus a pic of the frozen tundra right outside EVERYBODY's house- this one happens to be my Aaka's house (grandma). They are from my mom's collection.

    Sorry this one is so small! These are masks made of caribou skin and wolf fur.


    These two came separate- but somebody- probably my brother or husband- placed them like this! I believe the statue is not handmade- just the seal

    A hunter and his boat- my DS when he was tiny!

    Polar bear Eskimo Yo-yo with beads.


    My dad's whaling crew boat (IWC just approved our quota for next year :yahoo:)


    A large Baleen boat


    This was made in Kotzebue and was a present for my dad- you can see my mom in the lower right side of this pic in her regular parka

    This is my culture and makes me who I am- when I was a teenager I was ashamed of this culture! I guess it was just one of those teenage things- but once I got with the program, aged ten years or so, got married, had a kid and went back to school + had DH deployed TWICE to Iraq (USMC-oorah!) I realized how important this was to me. How much I needed it and how much I was disconnected I was.

    Without it I'm l-o-s-t and ungrounded. Thanks for reading and looking!
  2. A few more- couldn't resist-


    BUMPER STICKERS!! The top is in Inupiaq and the bottom is the translation of the red sticker.


    Taken today- May 31!!!!


    My Aaka's house (grandma) - see how it's STILL winter out there!!
  3. thanks for sharing!! very interesting. I'll be the first to admit I know nothing about your culture so please feel free to enlighten me :smile:
  4. ^--- ooo!! and the dark dark blue sky in the background is called Uinniq- THE OPEN LEAD- it's the pack ice breaking from shore -
  5. Your welcome! I'm from Barrow, Alaska- we are Inupiaq Eskimos (sterotyped big time) but Barrow is on the very most northern tip of Alaska- we have around 4000 people - our culture and livelihood depends on the bowhead whale that migrates to the Arctic Ocean to breed. Lots of different species of birds also come here in the summer to reproduce (yeeeah- BIG TIME BIRD FLU SCARE....kinda like 2K1? :graucho:) j/k- it was taken seriously but nothing happened..... believe me- I'm a GERM-A-PHOB and I'd be like :wtf: if I saw a dead bird...

    hahaha! anyways--- I'm going to bed- I'll post more tomorrow- I just wanted to share a piece of me- and say IT'S GOOD TO BE HOME!!!!!!
  6. frozen alaska - i loved your story and your pics - i think more gals should come up with threads like that - you just made me realise again how much people stopped caring about tradition and their roots - at least in my country ....i will spend this afternoon googling about it !

    Thank you ! (the Baleen boat is beautiful - will google it as well ;) ) and one day i will have an Eskimo yoyo - sooo cute ! :heart:
  7. Very interesting! My BF's parents lived in Alaska a long time ago when his dad was stationed there. I really want to go to Alaska one day!
  8. thank you so much for sharing! wow it's still winter!
  9. i actually just saw some handmade dolls (beautiful) on the antiques roadshow!!!
  10. Awesome, I'd like to visit Alaska one day. :yes:
  11. This is really interesting - thanks for sharing :yes:
  12. thank you for posting those pix. Very interesting culture! I remember on Oprah, she did a show on moms around the world. She had a mom from Alaska- VERY interesting. It is so interesting to see an read about different cultures around the world!
  13. Thanks for posting pics, very nice to look at! I like the baleen boat and the yo-yo a lot.
  14. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures! I would love to visit Alaska some day...
  15. Thanks for sharing!! I looove learning about different cultures and it's nice to have you show us what it's like up there. Hopefully you can tell us more afterwards!
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