1. i don't seem to see anything on the forums about sharif bags are they not up to par? what do you think
    i have a couple of falchi and sharifs but still love my gucci's and coach's the best!
    however whenever higher end bags are on tv i am glued1
  2. oops
  3. I saw one of the Sharif bags IRL that I had seen on HSN and it was very beautiful, and looked very well made.
  4. yes found a few great ones at good prices will post some pix
  5. Do post pics, I've seen a few Sharif bags on hsn while flipping channels, I admit that the designs that I've seen aren't so much to my liking but the price point is great and the quality looks good.
  6. The Sharif is a lovely bag. I have come across a few and they are very well made. It showed interest when I listed them on eBay.
  7. I have one sharif bag and it's nice....not great...just unique I guess. When I figure out my camera I will post pics with my collection.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. [​IMG]
  10. I love the more metallic ones he has. I think my mom bought a couple of his bags a few years ago.
  11. I purchased two vintage Sharif handbags. The second is maroon amd the white spots are snakeskin. (the picture doesn't do it justice).
  12. ^^Wow! Brings me back to yesteryear! You don't see bags like that anymore!
  13. That's why I bought them, they are quality leather. The red one has a little weight, while the burgundy bag is light. They are just different and for under $5. why not buy them.
  14. Holy ?&%***! That's what you paid? :shocked::faint: I've never in my life bought anything used, but boy, did you do great!!!! Paid to wait. You now have a bag that no one else has anything like. Enjoy!
  15. I believe in second hand treasures. Things are not made the way they use to be. People see them as old, I see them as quality. Those handbags have never been used and if they have, I don't see any signs.