Shared prong vs. Channel Set eternity band

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  1. AWWWW! please help this is getting hard! I have a 2 ct round diamond solitare and I'd like an eternity band. I like the look of the shared prong better however, I've been told that this are not good "everyday" rings. I plan to wear my e-ring and w-band all the time should I go with the channel setting?

    I'm looking at getting a 2ct shared prong eternity band if you think I should get the channel setting what caret weight? (the setting is obviously wider becuase it has the 2 bands to I'm worried a 2ct would be to big!)
  2. i prefer the look of the shared prong, i'm not a fan of channel set. but i don't know about the durability.

    happy shopping!
  3. I have several friends that have a shared prong eternity bands that they wear everyday . . . even to play tennis. They just brint it in for repair if they need. I have lost a stone in a channel set and then they all started getting loose since the stones keep each other in place
  4. I wore my shared prong eternity everday (it doesn't fit right now, pregnant) for about two years (even to golf!). No problems so far. I am not a fan of channel set.
  5. I vote for the shared prong
  6. I like the shared prong as well and think they hold up just fine. I've never been a fan of channel set unless there is minimal gold which usually isn't the case.
  7. Shared prong!
  8. i have 2 shared prong eternity bands and have lost diamonds from them. i am very hard on my jewelry. so now i wear them on 'light' days...but i do love the look better than channel set bands.. personal preference.
  9. I vote for shared set stones tend to collect dirt in between, plus shared prong just shows off the diamonds better, imo!
  10. I love the shared prong too... sounds like a stunning ring that you want :yes:
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