Shared-prong eternity band question for longtime owners

  1. I have had my shared-prong eternity band for about 3 years, and some of the stones are starting to come a little loose. That is to say, there is some movement (generally turning) of some stones within their individual settings. I am wondering (1) whether others have had this problem and (2) if so, do I really need to do anything about it?

    This was a handcrafted, commissioned piece and I'm no longer in contact with the jeweler, so I can't go back and ask for HIM to tighten the settings; rather, I'd have to go to another jeweler and pay for it to be done. I don't really care enough to do that unless there's some reason I need to (for instance, if movement within the setting is a precursor to stones just falling out willy-nilly later on...).
  2. Sorry to hear about your ring. I've worn my shared-prong half diamond eternity band in platinum everyday for 3 years, an no issues with mine. I'm not particularly careful with it, either.

    My first thought is that if there's now enough room for the stones to turn in the setting, it might not be too much longer before the setting becomes loose enough for the stones to actually fall out. Perhaps some other ladies with more experience can provide more info. If it were me, I'd take it to a reputable jeweler asap, even if it's just for my peace of mind. May I ask what kind of metal was used for the ring?

    Good luck!
  3. My wedding band is an eternity band made by my jeweler and I'm very sensitive to the prongs (my ering diamond actually came loose and fell out! - long story-suffice it to say that my mil chose a wonderful diamond but totally chinzed out on the band. I've since had a new band made).

    Find a jeweler you can trust and have the prongs inspected. Better safe than sorry. Good luck!
  4. Platinum. I think the issue is I bang it against stuff a lot inadvertently.
  5. I would definitely get the stones will be a lot cheaper to get them tightened than it would be to replace the stones. It is probably a good idea to have your ring inspected 1-2 times a year anyway...good luck!
  6. Because your diamonds go all the way around you will bang it like I do and yes, I lost a stone. Just when I got it replaced another diamond started moving so now I get the ring looked at often. Mine is also platinum. I don't have this problem with my eternity bands that are set half way with diamonds.
  7. Go and get your stones secured as soon as you happens. You just have to maintain eternity bands and that is why some jewelers recommend just purchasing shared prong 1/2 way around, but with larger stones. LOL. You can't avoid wear and tear if you really use your hands a great deal!
  8. UPDATE: Um, so I finally got my behind in gear and went to a jeweler that my friend recommended. And ummmmm she kind of freaked out when she saw just how loose the stones were. So I promise from now on I will get it looked at twice a year. Getting the settings tightened was only $25, too!!!
  9. I send mine in every 6 months whether it needs it or not. I only have had one loose stone.

    When I clean the ring, I use the pointy end of one of the little plastic flosser things to "snap" the girdle. I hold it up to the window for light and hold it TIGHT. If a stone is loose I can see it move. :smile: