Shared birthday party etiquette question

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  1. I'm part of an informal Moms' group. We all have babies around the same age and met in a more formal moms' group, but splintered off to form a smaller group for playdates and an email list.

    The babies are all turning one over the next few months. Some of the moms are having fairly large parties and inviting the whole moms' group. A few moms are doing shared parties with other people (i.e., one party for two babies whose birthday is around the same time.)

    My question relates to those shared parties. When the second baby is one I don't know at all -- the mom is not in the group and I've never met or heard of her -- I assume I should still get a gift for that baby as well as the baby I do know. Does it need to be of the same level/price range as the one for the baby I do know? Or is it OK to get a smaller gift for what's essentially a stranger's baby?
  2. I wouldn't think that you have to take a gift at all..but if you do, I would certainly think that a less expensive one would be fine!!!
  3. ^^ ita. those are my thoughts as well. :yes:
  4. ^^I agree. If you don'f feel comforatable going without a gift for the baby you don't know then get something small, otherwise I wouldn't get one.