Share your XL

  1. I'm hoping when people pick up their denim XLs that they can post them here. My SA told me I could come in and look at it as well as the Olympe Anthracite but I had to pass my wl'd items on to the next person due to recent funeral expenses. So in the meantime it would help me to see other people's. I've been waiting for this bag for a while and I'd at least love to see some pictures.
  2. So sorry to hear about your loss, my condolences.
  3. (((BIG HUGS))) Sorry for your loss. Don't worry about the XL bag-I'm sure you will be able to get it at a later point. Keep your chin up!
  4. Really sorry for your loss...
  5. wild crchid so sorry for your loss
  6. So sorry for your loss!
  7. SO SORRY!!!

    Are the denim XL 's released?Im not sure
  8. *hugs*

    pretty sure they aren't coming out for a while... aren't they in the ss08 cruise?
  9. Thanks everybody. Been having a hard time and not really been around. Feel horrible for not participating in people's birthday surprises too. So outta the loop. I didn't think they (the XLs) were coming out either yet and my SA had told me they were in, so I am completely puzzled.
  10. My condolences to you and your family.
  11. wild orchid,im sorry for your loss. **hugs**
    and i called my SA in Bal Harbour and theyre not in yet.
  12. Wild Orchid, I too am sorry for your loss. {{{hugs}}}

    P.S. My favorite flower is a wild orchid--it's the Lady's Slipper! Here are some to cheer you up!
  13. Sorry to hear about your loss! Truely!
  14. Aww, thanks for the flowers picture. And thanks for calling regarding the bag. Makes me feel better they are not out yet.
  15. Maybe they mean the Mahina XL?