Share your wishlists!!!!

  1. Even though my wishlist changes daily.... I use it more to narrow down and see what goes together, I thought it would be fun to share them with each other. To see what your "style" is and what is popular!!!

    I am working on mine now...........
  2. Mine is in my signature!:wlae::wlae:
  3. My wishlist... let's see.

    -A Chocolate Sig, Brown, Black Leather or Khaki/Saddle Carly
    -3 x 5 Turnlock Agenda in Punch #60166.
    -Legacy Psychedelic Oblong Scarf #98212.
    -Legacy Super Long Skinny Scarf #98211.
    -Legacy Concentric Scarf #98210.
    -A Silver/Punch bangle and a navy/Silver bangle. Any size, pref. 3/4" and up.
    -A magenta Mia satchel. :drool:
    -The new leather Punch agenda.
    -New Hamptons Scarf Print Scarf, I want all three!
    -If I had money to burn, a multi-stripe shoulder tote :drool:
    -Geranium Satchel, don't I wish
    -ALI. Oh, I want Ali.
    -Legacy framed slim envelope wallet

    I'm sure I'll be adding to this list as I see other ladies' wants....
  4. Mine's in my sig, too...only add the new frog keyfob to what's already there! It's adorable!
  5. Mine is in my siggie, plus here is my wish list from the new catalog!:graucho:

    Legacy Framed Slim Envelope Wallet #40242.

    Legacy Signature Satchel in Brown #11143.

    Legacy Leather Satchel in Whiskey #11130.

    3 x 5 Turnlock Agenda in Punch #60166.

    Legacy Psychedelic Oblong Scarf #98212.

    Legacy Super Long Skinny Scarf #98211.

    Legacy Concentric Scarf #98210.
  6. my wishlist:

    legacy shoulder in rose #10328 (which i will get soon hopefully)

    legacy satchel in natural #10330

    patent ergo in red

    legacy stripe framed french wallet #40420

    toucan keyfob

    fragrance keyfob

    legacy stripe skinny scarf

    and many more ;)
  7. Here's mine as of this moment!


    (in black and white)

    (in black)




    (I had a pink one but gave it to my daughter. Need RED!)


    Other stuff:
    Khaki/crimson agenda
    SHOE keyfob
    Lion keyfob
    Toucan keyfob
    Frog keyfob
    Turtle keyfob
    Red leather mini skinny
    Multi-stripe mini skinny (but it's gone from the website!)

    I know there is more but that's all I can remember now.
  8. Mine is in my siggie too. :smile:
  9. WATERMELON coin purse. omg i must have it and i can't find one anywhere!! =(
    if any of you ladies have it and want to trade for anything please let me know. (i hope that's not against the rules to say)
    lion keyfob
    phython hobo in mineral
    pink zebra tote
    green hamptons weekend tote
  10. BAM! :

    .....yeah, about that:love:

    It used to be like $4200 though, so obviously I must be gaining some sensibility with age (hah, I'm 20, who am I kidding? :rolleyes:)

  11. I want the watermelon soo bad too! & The grapefruit! :love: