Share your wedding horror stories here!!

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  1. Okay I'll start. I've been wanting to see if anyone out there had any horror wedding stories to share!!

    DH and I got married on November of 2007. Flowers were done, 350+ guests we're invited, venue is set up, and I was ready to walk down that aisle. When the wedding coordinator was getting us ready she had this look on her face. I asked her what was wrong. She said the videographers weren't there yet and I was told not too worry. I couldn't think straight. I might sound crazy but I've been waiting for this all my lilfe and it wasn't going to be captured by video!! When I started to walk down I still didn't see them. Finally when DH and I were about to say our vows they showed up! I was so pissed. After the ceremony, the videographer asked me to reenact my "walking down the ailse" scene. At this point I'm just furious but at the same time not letting it kill my day.

    To make a short story short we complained to the company and we wanted a full refund. The only thing they can do is give us a complimentary album. As for the video, it was horrible. You can't even hear our voices. I was so mad that I even wrote to the president of this company. Still no luck. We got alot of referrals from many people about this company so we went with them. I guess my only advice is to really do alot of research. :tdown::tdown:
  2. I have a good one! Great thread!

    So summer of 2004 was the year of the hurricane in Florida and I, as a native Floridian was obviously not thinking and I picked September 12 as my wedding date, which is 2 days away from the height of hurricane season. We were having a beach wedding and a week before a bad hurricane came through and my wedding weekend there was a projected hurricane and we were on advisory. My hotel called asking if we could reschedule to the following weekend - which was a no go, as 4 out of our 6 attendants were from out of state. Close family members that I would NEVER have imagined NOT being there were cancelling due to having had no power for over a week and others were flying out of town to get away from the pending hurricanes. When I showed up to my GORGEOUS hotel, that had 2 story high windows my heart sank since it was all covered in PLYWOOD! They tried to make us get married inside but lucky for me, it stopped raining 5 minutes before our ceremony was supposed to take place and started right as we were all going inside. It all came together and while many of my loved ones weren't able to be there all turned out well. It was VERY stressful back 5 1/2 years ago but it is a good story now. I love when people say that rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck and I smile and ask, "what about hurricanes?"
  3. Fortunately the only thing that really happened during our wedding was that someone brought a baby that cried and screamed through about 2/3 of the ceremony. I was so tuned out during the wedding I didn't even hear it or know about it until afterward at the reception people kept asking me who the screeching baby belonged to. Once I listened to the recording of the wedding I understood what they were talking about. :lol:
  4. i have several:

    my photographer never took photos of my family, just candid ones

    my photographer also left before i danced with my father

    my coordinator sat my husband's coworkers next to us during dinner while my close family sat at the other end of the ballroom

    i got into a HUGE fight with my mom moments before my ceremony which is really out of character for us. she's my best friend, and to this day we still don't know how things got out of control.
  5. We got married on July 10, 1993. The HOTTEST day of that year!!! And btw it has never again been 105 in NJ. We had done our research and scheduled our wedding to be on this beautiful lake and inside of a gazebo. Well the park did NOT notify us in time that they were going to install a childs playground all around the gazebo!!!! And the color was in fire engine RED!!!

    The night before our wedding we get into a fight with my parents and sisterinlaw over whose riding in the limo with us!!! WE wanted it to just be us two and noone else. I am the bride and it seems that everyone around me is too busy *****ing about what THEY want!!!! I couldnt believe it!

    So my sisterinlaw whom is my maid of honor rides with us along with my parents also. So before we even leave the house I come back from the hair salon to find her still sleeping!!! I told her the night before about how imperative it was for her to be up and ready to go.

    Showered and everything. She didnt take a shower and looked like hell on toast!!! I was mortified!!! I find out later on that she acted in this way because I was taking her brother away from her and she was pissed off at me for it!!! Well boo freaking hoo get over it already and grow up!!!First of all our limo driver was late and lost.

    I while Im getting dressed had to give him directions to our house. On top of that it is really HOT already. We get to the park and it is now 105 degrees!!!! My makeup is sliding off of my face and I am so hot I want to puke. Mind you our original wedding date would have been the weekend prior which was the last weekend of June(perfect mid 80's temps).

    But my parents couldnt make it out on that date so we had no other choice but to change it to accomodate them. BIG mistake!!! So we get to the park a 1/2 hr late. We had my sisterinlaws boyfriend videotape our wedding. He took video of mostly the ground,birds,peoples shoes, and a##es!!!

    That was our mistake in hiring him and should have hired someone more professional. But when your on a tight budget you have to make do with less.HUGE lesson learned!!!When we got back to our house for the reception I passed out because of the heat!!!! The DJ we had hired left early because of the heat and most of our guests had left by 5:30 because of the heat!!!

    WE got married at 1:30 in the afternoon. So my wedding didnt last very long but while it was going on it was quite the disaster!!! Honestly we didnt have much money back then and was on a very tight budget and didnt have much help from our families. I didnt have bridesmaids or groomsmans (sp).

    Only the best man and the maid of honor. All in all my husband and I have a very wonderful, loving, and happy marriage even though our wedding virtually fell apart on us. This year we will be married for 17 yrs and together for 19!!!! And one awesomely great and handsome son aged 14.And 1993's 105 temp set records for that month.

    I guess you could say that we have a HOT marriage to match that HOT day!!!! If he asked me again to marry him I wouldnt even have to think about it. Except this time I think Id elope....LOL!!!

    PS...Honeymoon was much better except for the realtor and prospective buyers walking thru while were upstairs sleeping. Backstory...We paid for one week at a private residence on Tupper Lake in the Adirondacks. WE had a whole beautiful new A frame log cabin house,7 acres of land, and a whole BIG lake to ourselves. They didnt tell us that it was for sale and that theyd be showing it during our honeymoon...LOL We did get one extra night for free after I called and complained!!!
  6. meluvs2shop my photographer never took photos of my family, just candid ones

    I forgot this happened also^^^^^^^...
  7.'s nice to hear I'm not the only one who went through this. Thanks for sharing your stories!!!!
  8. I guess the only thing that went "wrong" with my wedding was that the coordinator at the chapel sent my first bridesmaid down during the wrong song. She insisted that the song playing was Canon in D, which I in turn insisted that it wasn't, but she ignored me and sent the first bridesmaid anyway. I think the string trio that was playing noticed that she was coming so they quickly changed to Canon in D, only after the coordinator started walking down the aisle after my bridesmaid to stop her when she realized she was wrong (who doesn't know what that song sounds like, especially someone who works specifically with weddings!!!!) UGH!! I was so mad but tried not to let it bother me. I don't think anyone even knew what happened anyway. Guess I'm pretty lucky if that was the worst part of the night!!!
  9. Your very welcome. Thanks for this great thread!!! I think its been quite therapeutic for me....:rant::rant: I guess you could say that Im learning to laugh about it after all these years...even though it still does bother me a bit...:roflmfao:
  10. I hear you!! It still bugs me but then again I can look at our albums even the complimentary one!! :biggrin::biggrin:
  11. DW and I got married a few days ago. But afterwards I realized she wasn't my DW, she was my DH, but it was ok since we were in New York.

    Just kidding.
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    I have a couple of things that i did on my wedding day, that im not happy with.
    We got married on August 3rd 2002, a nice warm saturday.
    I got my hair done in the morning and had a few to many drinks of wine, that started my days problems for me even before getting married.
    Everything when extremely well until i was put into the present room before walking down the aisle.
    i spilt my drink down the back of my dress.
    We had a bouncy castle for the kids and i was ok with this until i'd had too much wine during the day.
    When the evening came i changed out of my dress, so i thought whynot and go onto the bouncy castle, I then told all on the bouncy castle (to get of my f-ing bouncy castle at the top of my lungs)
    Im not happy with what i did and never will be.
    I was a BAD BAD drunk that night and nobody stop me from drinking everyone was drunk and if i could have that day all over again i would change them.
    All in all everyone had a great night, and thankfully only about 20 people saw and heard what i said at the top of my lungs.
    Im just happy that was over 8 years ago, and it was two weeks past my 18th birthday.
  13. Haha! :nuts:
  14. During the wedding vows DH nearly fainted and had to employ an old army trick of rolling onto his toes, and when it came to the bit if anybody knows a reason why blah blah can't be married or forever hold your peace, there was loud footsteps heard of someone running up the aisle - I nearly had a freakin' heart attack!!:nuts: (Turned out it was by best friends kid btw :sweatdrop:)

    However our wedding day pales into insignificance compared to one wedding we attended. It was a very posh do indeed in a very old chapel. Everyone had been plied with copious amounts of champagne in the gardens beforehand...anyway, all was well until the reception, which was held in the 'Great Hall', a very lofty setting. We were at the front of it next to the grooms sister. After several courses of dinner, it was time for the speeches and the brides father got up. He'd flown in several thousand miles for the occasion and had obviously prepared well, starting with the birth of his daughter, her development in great detail, his marraige breakdown, his ex-wife, his current wife, the effect of all this on his daughter (the bride) again in great detail... The bride had been pulling at his jacket quite early on but to no avail, and the grooms mother sat there next to him rooted to the spot with a fixed stony smile, a coiled spring. You could have heard a pin drop.
    Over an hour later, not only was I extremely mentally uncomfortable, I was getting physically uncomfortable too, what with all the champagne beforehand and wine with the got down to the stage where I thought 'what's going to be worse? Having an accident right here and now, or interrupting the brides fathers speech by walking out?'. So I stood up, and he actually stopped speaking :Push:, there was absolute silence as I walked down the length of the Hall, my high heels click-clacking on the stone floor, got to the door and raced to the loo across the courtyard like there was no tomorrow. Then, I had to come back in....he was unswayed, still speaking and went on to speak for about another half hour, but the floodgates had been opened and nearly all the guests within that half hour made a bolt for the loo :biggrin:. Eventually he stopped, after 1 and 1/2 hours to the great relief of everybody. The best man who had apparently prepared a very good and amusing speech had to forfeit it and only had time to propose a toast to the happy couple. I really thought the grooms mother (never mind the bride and groom!) was going to self-combust.

    And the best thing about it? It's all on video :devil:, although funnily enough no-one's seen it....:whistle:
  15. That reminds me of a wedding I went to years ago. lol

    The bride(my dear friend :love:) mother went into thanking everyone for coming by name & how far they came. :weird: Then she started talking about her daughter & how they were so thrilled she was finally getting married, she was only 28 BTW. The bride yells out "OK mom, you can sit down now." We all roared :lolots:

    Only mishap of my wedding was how ugly my cake was. I looked at it & heard my deceased mom say, 'oh honey its not a big deal.' It was yummy though! We have no picture of it, DH says it didn't warrant a