Share Your Warranty & Repair Experiences...

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  1. I thought it might be helpful for us to share our Treesje warranty and repair experiences.

    How does the warranty repair process work at Treesje?
    What was repaired?
    How long did it take?
    Are you satisfied with the repairs?

    Feel free to share all about your experience. :smile:
  2. Bump...

    Has anyone ever sent a bag to Treesje for a repair? I'm asking because I found a defect on my less than a month old bag and I'm curious how the repair process has been for others.

    Any experience sharing would be helpful and very much appreciated. :smile:
  3. I have sent a bag in before. Owner pays to ship to Treesje. Treesje pays to ship back. My repair took about a month from the day I sent to the day I received it back. The repair was done well and I had no problems or complaints about it. I contacted Treesje via email first but I don't think that is necessary to do.
  4. I've actually not had any issues or needed any repairs done on my bag or clutches. I got information back when I did the warranty. So everything has worked out great!
  5. Just received mine a few days ago after Treesje repaired the stitching. Their customer service was good and the experience was very pleasant.

    I purchased a plum asher from (also had very good customer service and gave prompt replies) but when I got it, I noticed that a couple of stitches were missing in front of the bag, and was concerned the rest would unravel from the loose ends. That was the last plum asher they had so I couldn't exchange it but they offered me 10% off if I decided to keep it .

    With the 1 year warranty available, I emailed Treesje (via their website contact info) but I ended up calling them a few days later, since it turned out they didn't get the email. I mailed the bag to them (customer pays for shipping) and they repaired it within a week's time, then sent it back to me via UPS at no charge. During the process I phoned them to get the status - like confirming that they got the bag etc.

    Repair was neatly done. It's really nice to have that kind of warranty behind the bag and definately gives you confidence to buy from them again.
  6. Thank you for sharing your experiences. It makes me feel better about sending my bag in for repair.

    Quick question: For those of you that have sent your bag in for repair, did you register your bag prior to sending it? My bag didn't come with the registration card.

  7. I did register mine. I bought two new Treesje bags from two well known online stores at the same time. One bag came with a card and one did not. I registered them both by sending emails.
  8. I didn't get the chance to register it prior to sending, but registered it after I received it.

  9. what happened with your bag?
  10. There's a hole along one of the seams in the lining. :sad: It appears like there wasn't enough fabric to stitch together and it's unraveling.

    Wish I would have looked it over closer before I bought it. Lesson learned. Aside from the hole, I love it.
  11. awww.. I hope it gets repaired soon. :hugs:
  12. Two repair questions... firstly, for anyone who has emailed Treesje about a repair, what email address did you use? None of the email addys on the site seem to be the right one to use for repair questions.

    Secondly, my Treesje Avalon tote is still under the warranty until January. I use it often, but not every day and I am careful with all of my bags. In several places on the bag, the patent leather is cracking or maybe tearing. I feel like it shouldn't be doing that already. Has this happened to anyone else? Is this covered under the warranty?
  13. I'm pretty sure I sent an email from the address on the Treesje website.

    I have had three patent leather Treesje bags. The only problem I had with the patent leather was on my purple mini Avalon, the leather tore around the O ring that attaches to hold the long strap. I was so upset. Treesje repaired it and it looked pretty good. I especially had been babying that bag because it was a bum bag and I had problems with the handle and lining as well. I've since sold it so I'm not sure if there were additional problems with the leather on it. The patent on the Magnolia that I once had was fine as is the patent on the Marseille that I still own.

    That stinks that you are having problems in several areas of the leather. I'm sure Treesje will be able to fix those spots. Good Luck!
  14. *bump*

    Anyone else had a problem with the sealant on the underside of their braided handles (in either the Asher or Magnolia) splitting?

    AFAIK, the only Ashers/Magnolias with sealant on the underside of the braided handles are the newer-style ones (i.e. thinner, longer handles and continuous zipper tracks). This occurred to my Grey Shine Magnolia after only 2 days of use, and is particularly bad on the back handle:



    The front handle isn't immune either:


    I've used it for about 3 weeks so far, and have put it away since, but at least the splitting hasn't got any worse as far as I can tell.

    Very disappointingly, though, when I contacted Treesje about it, they told me that international shipping costs aren't covered by Treesje, not even for return shipping (i.e. shipping it back to me after the repair). I'm not about to pay upwards of US$100 in two-way shipping for what is still a relatively minor repair, but I'm definitely going to need to dial back the Treesje purchases right now. (And I just got bag #6 too. *facepalm*) I haven't had a problem with any other bags so far, but I sure can't afford to pay such pricey two-way shipping if any more major problems should occur. I still love the brand, but, well, I'm just going to have to check further temptations for awhile.

    Posting this as a caveat to any other international buyers...

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  15. Yeah, the handles on my Magnolia look pretty rough and scruffy. Worse than yours. The sealant was either not applied in areas, split or peeled off. Not sure whether I'm going to bother sending it back to Treesje. Such a hassle.