Share your very FIRST Kate Spade bag story

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    I bought a Kate Spade stevie a few years ago. this brand got me hooked on designer bags back in 2009. and its been downhill from then on. lol. ehem excuse me while i reminisce.

    i bought this Stevie back in 2009 at Saks 5th Ave. got it on sale at a discount that was unbelievable (80%!!!) i was then living on a tiny salary, but had some money to spare so i figured to reward myself for being so thrifty! LOL

    This bag and I have had plenty of good times together. In fact, the bag has outlived two boyfriends and three house movings. I've carried her gently over the years though and she still looks beautiful. the smell of leather is even still there :smile:

    Now I dont carry it as much and occupies a quiet corner of my closet. However I cannot bear to let her go. She was my first designer bag and I am going to keep her with me forever for sentimental reasons.

    In fact, Im inspired to use my Stevie today!

    sorry for the loooong post but I hope this thread inspires other girls to share their own stories about their (first) Kate Spade bag.

    thanks for letting me share!

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  2. My first was a fake mini-Sam back in 2001!

    My first real one... Hmmm. I can't remember! I bought a few off eBay. I think the first one I bought in store was a Strousbuerg Suede Travis in black. It was $300+ and my first big bag purchase. Now I am sure my husband wishes $300 was my biggest. ;)
  3. haha! we've all been down that road :biggrin:
    i remember thinking then that any bag that cost $300 was insane. now, at $2000 i dont even blink.
    i remember reading somewhere on purseforum that kate spade bags were really super trendy during the late 90's and early 2000s. even highschoolers were wearing kate spade. i also recall seeing a lot of iffy looking fakes.
    btw, i love your candidness (about owning a fake)! i owned a few here and there before i could afford the real thing. but as soon as i could, i bought the original. which as it should be. :smile:
    did you keep your very first KS?
  4. I loved reading your story, prettymonkey26, especially the part about how that bag has outlived past homes and boyfriends! Glad you're keeping her; she (still) looks great.
  5. My first designer bag was a black leather Kate Spade Tina (I think retail was $200 but I paid $80 at Winners).

    It's too small for daily use but I use it for church and parties where I don't need as much stuff with me. I love the style and wish I could get one about 50% larger all over, it would be an ideal work bag.

    We just got an official Kate Spade store here (Toronto, Yorkdale Mall) a few months ago but I've only been able to go once and didn't buy anything yet.
  6. thank you! i'll always have a soft spot for kate spade. hope you can share a story too? :smile:
  7. did you keep your first kate spade? maybe you have pics ? :smile:
  8. These are great stories, :smile: I own a huge amount of kate spade stationary (like her bags, it's cute, classy, and sassy), but no bags yet. Eyeing the little minka in black, but would kill for her in jenkins blue if only I could find someone selling it!
  9. Well, my story's not quite as interesting, but I'll tell it! :smile: It is the story of my first Kate Spade bag that never was...

    I happened to be in Bloomingdales (looking at Coach bags, actually!) when I saw the Carlisle Street Miles bag in the Kate Spade section. I don't know the actual name, but the color was like a taupe or light brown. I fell in LOVE! I'm not even that big a fan of brown bags, but something about this color. Something about the shape of this bag! The handles, the soft feel of the patent leather, the soft glow of the lights reflecting back at me... There was music playing every time I looked at this bag! I had never spent more than $400 on a bag up until this point, so when I checked the price tag, I put her down.

    My poor husband, I must have dragged him back to the department store a dozen times to look at this same bag, just to have a 15 minute "fling" with her before setting her back down and walking away. He even told me I could buy it, and can you believe it, I stopped MYSELF.

    I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT THAT DANG THING!! :pout: I can't find her anywhere now, and boy do I regret it. I have been stalking the Kate Spade website ever since, and there are other bags that come close, and even other bags that I love, but none like this... I suppose that makes this my holy grail bag, eh?

    Anyway, I found a bag in a similar color that was made for the Kate Spade outlet, so I got that one. I love it... but I still think of the Carlisle Street Miles.

    Big Sigh!
  10. seems like a lot of us have that one holy grail Kate Spade bag! i hope you find yours soon!
  11. the dream bag that never was! :smile:
    its actually very interesting! i emphatize with you a lot! this has happened to me with a bag and i terribly regret not buying that one when it was so much cheaper. now its selling for ridiculous prices and whenever i see it in store i want to bonk myself on the head! lol
    im sure if you keep checking evilbay and other websites or outlets, it will turn up? i really hope you do find her soon!
  12. My husband bought me my first Kate Spade in 1999. It was a giraffe print boxy tote bag (don't remember the name!). I was so impressed that he had picked this fun, funky bag out. I had not even heard of Kate Spade. I loved that bag!! He didn't know the monster he was creating by introducing me to this brand. I still have that first bag. Haven't used in in 10 years at least, but it is special to me.
  13. thats so sweet! loved that part about your husband picking it out for you! wish my own hubby would do that as well! or on second never mind because he's gonna go bonkers over the prices hehe

    post a picture please? im curious to what it looks like :smile:
  14. I got a Kate Spade Mini Anabel with DBF at Nordstrom Rack. I had been wanting a cute, fun bag. He picked mine out because it was bright orange, and that the lining would be easy to clean should I "decide to use it like a snack or lunch bag." Lol. He's so silly sometimes. I like carrying it to the beach or park when we go out.

    After that I've been taking him on my shopping trips now to see how he'd "repurpose" a handbag.
  15. your hubby has good taste in bags? lucky you :smile: all this talk of kate spade handbags makes me want to visit the boutique and check out the selections. im based in dubai and theres an ongoing Dubai Shopping Festival so i hope i score something on sale. :smile: