Share your tips to avoid buying stuff you wont wear?

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  1. I am selling clothes all the time! I have more stuff on sale than there is in my closet and i wasn't even really picky when i sorted everything. I keep wearing a few pieces, what to do/.
  2. I just usually try to picture myself in the outfit, and if I don't like what I see, then I won't buy it.
  3. That sounds like me!! hahh
  4. I have tons of items I've sold on eBay (and still selling)! I think the best tip of all is to not purchase something just because it's on sale!

    Don't get me wrong, I love a good bargain, but I've learned that it's better to purchase an item at retail cost (that I love and is flattering), than to purchase something I like at sale price.

    Because we all know that if we love an item, that is something we will immediately be drawn to when choosing an outfit! :yes:
  5. I TOTALLY AGREE!! OMG you nailed it for me!

    I've done this WAY too many times and learned the hard way that I'd rather spend more on something I love than less on something I'm iffy about because it seems in the end, I'll end up a) never wearing the one I like less and b) I'll spend more money buying the one I DO love. Waste of money...:push:
  6. I'm not a person that goes crazy for sales. I think my issue is I settle for OK and then I want to rid myself of it because it's not as flattering as it could be. It may be OK fit, OK quality, etc. I've been trying to be better about it by not buying brands and fabrics that I've had issues with, tailoring more clothing, etc.
  7. First off stay away from too trendy stuff. Usually, the trendier it is, the more likely you will wear it once or never and throw it away.

    Always try items on before you leave the store.
    If you don't love it, don't buy it. Chances are you won't wear the item.

    Try buying outfits because then you can see how everything works together.

    Also, even if you like an item think about what is in your closet already that you can wear with the item. If you don't have anything, either buy an outfit or don't buy the item at all. I try to find or think about (either buying or what is already in my closet) at least two outfits I can wear with the item before buying it.

    One last thing, if the item is retail and will still be there at the store, wait one day to think about the item. If you find yourself still thinking about the item then go on and buy it. If you don't find yourself thinking about the item, chances are you didn't really want it in the first place.
  8. 24 hour rule - if you see an item you like, wait a day before buying. most of the time, you'll end up not wanting the item the next day unless you're really, really in love with it.
  9. great tips! i usually have no self control when it comes to the mall, hahaha
  10. you could stick a big minus 90 percent tag on a hydrant and i would buy it.
    my brain just automatically shuts down when being confronted with madly reduced item ( especially designer labels) and acting out of a sheer reflex my hands take them to the checkout.
    this explains all the unused things in my closet.

    one tip: you can return purchased items at most stores. its a complete different situation when trying on a new dress at home with no milelong queues outside changing room waiting for you to get out. and no aggressive lighting and mirrors everywhere...
    there is no pressure to decide.
    i return almost everything, unless i forget about them and keep them for too long.:push:
  11. ^ITA with some of the previous posters..don't buy things that are on sale (always buy for the wrong reasons) and I try to 'try on the item, love it, then look at the price tag' (because we as humans love bargains and its really the biggest devil when it comes to shopping)
  12. ITA with the others to not get something just because it's on sale.
  13. Take boyfriend, mom, dad, friend or relative shopping :p Helps avoid buying excess stuff and thinking "Twice"
  14. i try to buy pieces that will fit into my wardrobe and really add to outfits or create new ones. also, i think about occasions i can wear that piece to...if i can think of a few, then i buy it!
  15. ahh! i have a huge problem with buying stuff that i never wear, especially dressy, going out stuff!! i buy it because it's so pretty and fun, but honestly how many times can i wear that kind of stuff?! i donated a lot of stuff to goodwill recently and was shaking my head at the amount of stuff that i never even wore...i wish i had saved that money to buy a beautiful purse, like a JC mahala! ugh, impulse buys...