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  1. I don't know what I'm looking for with this post, just thought we should chat abt how we feel abt the very drastic price increase ..

    The only ones really benefiting from this are the regular Chanel sellers on eBay. We know several of them and recently they have listed the classics by the bulk. I haven't kept track of the minimum prices but I bet it'll increase by a similar margin soon if not already so.

    Well, thats not too bad, opportunistic, entrepreunial (sp), lucky .. either way, where there's demand there's supply.

    But I do dread to think that even the fakies will be sold at a raised margin with headlines "Get it here! Chanel just had a price hike" and unknowing folks out there will be made an even larger fool out of the auction in the end.

    I'm just depressed from Chanel withdrawal I guess :sad:
  2. I stop buying Chanel right now coz I couldn't accept the price increase. It's too much. My last Chanel bag is Baby Cabas in White. recently,I went to buy a Bottega instead and now planning to buy another LV bag.

    I love Chanel but I don't like the price hike. That's too much for me too accept it. I will be back to buy Chanel anytime soon.
  3. It's depressing yes..but what can you do?'s just going to take longer for me to buy another one now...*sigh*
  4. It doesn't other me too much to be honest.

    LV raises their prices 3 times a year. . . that's too much IMO.
    Chanel didn't have an increase at all last year, so to me, it's not over the top.
  5. I'm bummed by the price increase, but that just means I'll buy accessories and shoes instead.
  6. I was just half way to a red jumbo classic. After price increased, I am a bit farther from it. I am sad but that doesn't take me off buying my dream bag. I'll do whatever it takes to have the bag I like.
  7. how about another J12 ??:p
  8. Just as soon as Neiman Marcus has another Double-Incircle Rewards event, or when Saks has another EGC or Friends & Family event.:yes:

  9. My thoughts exactly!! I am definately into the accessories phase of my collecting habits.

    I do want a Baby Cabas in White or a White Caviar Md. Classic Flap...but the price increase is a hard pill to swallow!

    Even if LV has increases 3x/year, their items never go up by $400-$500 over the span of 2 years. That being said, a lot of my attention has been reverted back to Louis. :nuts:
  10. I think it's easier to take the increases in smaller increments (LV). It's hard to take a $300 - $400 all at once (Chanel). Especially, if you have saved almost all your money for that special bag. There are many people that can only afford one bag a year, so it makes it very hard for them.
  11. If you look at it as percentages instead of $'s it's probably close though.

    If a $750 LV goes up 6% 3x/year {=18%/year}, that = $135 increase
    {$270 every 2 yrs}.

    If a $1500 bag goes up that same amount per year {18%/year} but they wait to increase prices every 24 months it would = $340.

    But this is for leather bags, not canvas . . . to me it's not a huge deal.
    I also prefer that it doesn't have every few months, at least we know it's not happening again 2 more times this year. In fatc, Chanel isn't super scheduled about this it seems, it's possible it could be 30 more months before another increase.

    Bummer? Absolutely, ideally there'd be no inflation but DH would continue to get rasies! LOL!
    But not over the top IMO.
  12. I'm don't know what to make of the price increase. In one way, I understand b/c the euro is up compared to usd -and as swanky mentioned, they don't increase prices as often as LV.

    BUT, on the other hand, i'm miffed at the price increase too... BUT I don't know if I'm swayed more by the fact that it will take me longer to save for new Chanels, OR -if it's by something else i'm imagining... from reading what some ppl have said on the forum, "Chanel thinks that they've become too common, and the price hike is a move to be more like Hermes..." i.e. to become more exclusive and luxurious raising their prices, essentially keeping them out of reach of the common, hard-working individual like myself, and so many pF-ers... who work hard for their money so they can buy new bags. :/

    I'm in no way rich or even close to that bracket, just a student w/ a part-time job... so if Chanel is by some motivation attempting to
    keep their bags exclusive... and thus "harder" for me to get b/c of the price increase does that mean that I'M part of the problem?? am I part of the population that's making it "too common"?? -Ack... I don't even know if that made sense, part of me thinks I'm reading too much into this, lol

    point is... regardless of how we feel, the price increases are going to happen, and if we still want our AUTHENTIC Chanels... we'll just have to deal with it
  13. This is all assumptions on member's parts though.
    I haven't seen or heard any of this from my Chanel SA's.

    Chanel is pretty difficult to find, it's not available in as many stores as LV or Gucci, etc. . . it's pretty exclusive already.
    I think they're just keeping up w/ inflation, cost of production, etc. . .

  14. What is the rate of increase in the US because in Europe, it is not that much (only 7.38%) so it's no big deal given that inflation rate is 3% so real terms rise is only about 4%. 4% is not a big ask given that gas prices has gone up 30+% last year!

    I also think that waiting for one big increase is better because let's say you want your bag on the 31st January, if you have frequent increases throughout the year then you would be paying a higher price than the lower fixed constant price for the period between 1st Feb-31st January before the price increase.
  15. In all seriousness, the price increase makes little to no difference to me. I mean, if I love a bag, I'm not going to buy another bag in lieu of it just because it's $300 cheaper.