Share your tattoos and piercings..

  1. Share your tattoos and piercings. I only have one tattoo and used to have my tongue pierced, nothing interesting. So everyone, share and post pics!
  2. I did a search and it didnt come up. But thanks!
  3. I had a pierced belly button ring but took it out at about 7 months preggers and I have a falling star tattooed on my lower back. I love tattos buy my DH is not a fan. Some day very soon I am going to get a lotus, a chinese character for dog (my daughter is born in the year of the dog) and her hawaiian name written on my back.
  4. I have my belly button pierced, and I have 5 tattoos.....they are so addictive!!!!!!
  5. I have 10 piercings in my left ear.

    I have 8 in my right ear.

    I have my septum pierced.

    And I have a full Biomechanical spinal column tattoo down my back, a musical star tattoo on my right shoulder, and I have a leo symbol and fire tattoo (which are now technically a part of my spinal column).

    I have at least 4 more huge tattoos planned out. :yahoo:
  6. Piercings - left tragus, right industrial and rook. Used to have my ears gauged to 0, but I recently took them out and let them shrink back to the normal lobe gauge. I'd like to get a snug in my left ear, or my inner conch done.

    Tattoos - back piece - two sparrows on each shoulder blade, an anchor in the middle, with a rope winding around and four cherry blossoms in different places. I also have a black and blue nautical star surrounded by two blue stars on my lower back. I'd love to get a chest piece with the words, "there's no point to surrender" and an old-school design, but I don't think that's going to happen to due the corporate world stigma against tattoos :rolleyes:
  7. I must be getting old (or stupid) cause that is like another language you are talking. I have no idea where your piercings are LOL
  8. LOL! I'm talking piercing language :p

    Here are pictures of an ear with different piercings in it - Conventional Piercing Guide - Ear - Rook

    It shows the industrial, rook and tragus. Come to think of it, I'd really like a daith piercing :nuts: