Share your Stupidest or Frustrating Question Asked by buyers!

  1. I have many but my MOST frustrating question is when a buyer asks, on an AUCTIONS Bidding Style listing if I would take $50 for a $298 Brand New Coach handbag, starting at 1 cent and with buy it now option for $177:cursing:.
    Of course its impossible for me to have purchased it for the proposed price, and the only one who would benefit is the buyer(plus I give a portion to charities too so they wouldn't benefit either)...I won't sell to anyone who doesn't respect the fact I started it low so everyone from different price ranges could bid, but even make it possible for the buyer who needs it fast.......
  2. Dont let it bother you, its eBay. Just say no.

    Most frustrating of all is trying to decifer questions from non-english countries - me no comprende but if you have american money I'll gladly accept it... :rolleyes:
  3. It happens. Ingore it and move on
  4. I appreciate your advise, after alot of eBay sales, you definately smile....try to find humor in it, and move on.......It's a joke...and when out with family or freinds, and we see a gorgious handbag...we joke.....should we ask if we can buy it from them for a couple of bucks?.. Or as we stare at the handbag, we ask each other..what color is that handbag? It continues but helps to have fun with the questions which is why I wanted you to share yours.
  5. I don't understand the above statement, you feel a buyer should 'respect' the fact that you started it low so everyone can bid? I don't get the reasoning here. Sure, everyone can bid at your low starting point but obviously not everyone can buy and that's all a buyer really cares about, they're likely not thinking..."Gee thanks for starting the bidding so low so I can at least bid even if I can't actually purchase the item. They are not mind readers and have no idea what your intentions are or what you will accept as a best offer. I can understand that low-ball bids can be frustrating but it all goes with the territory and if you find it overly annoying perhaps eBay isn't the best forum for you to sell.

    And honestly, using the term 'stupidest' seems a bit like name calling and very unprofessional, IMHO.

    I hope this does not offend, all the above is of course just IMHO.


  6. So, what would you accept?

    Half of the BIN? 90% of the BIN?

    I think it's very hard for buyers to know what each seller is looking to get, as some sellers set a very high BIN (in hope of getting half, or even less) and some set the BIN at the minimum they are prepared to accept (or only 1 penny more), in the hope of a quick sale.

    Also, in the case of past-season stock, some sellers have an agreement with the stores and sell store returns etc., whilst others just sell items they picked up on sale/in outlets.

    How is the buyer supposed to know which type of seller the seller is, unless they say (which most sellers don't) and therefore, what the minimum they probably want for the item is? :shrugs:
  7. I would just nicely tell the buyer that since this is an auction, you would be happy to accept their BID of $50, and if no one else bids higher than them, they will then have the bag for the price they would like to spend.

    The questions that annoy me are the ones which are already stated right in the listing, and also people asking me to break some important part of my TOS "just for them" because they have "excellent feedback" and yes they have a 100 % rating, on like 8 transactions LOL.
  8. Maybe you are misunderstanding me.....
    I never have or will have asked to "make offer".
    Mine start at 1 penny and sells at 1 penny if no one bids..but sometimes I add the "buy it now" price for still very low...the buy it now disappears when the item reaches HALF of the "buy it now" price.
    So if I have a brand new handbag....I am willing to list for 1 penny and so far 10 people have bid is at $20 (NO PRICES CAN BE CHANGED once its started) even the "buy it now" price...when someone asks me if I will take $50.... they expect me to cancel the other 10 bidders, who got it to $20 and have a chance at getting the handbag for $20 so they can have it for $50. If I have "buy it now" set a $100, its the very, very lowest I can afford to sell it for..

    I was hoping for a little respect..I can lose up to $400 but because I like the auction, and opportunity of the bidding process which gives all people in a bunch of different financial situations a chance to win.....I would think someone would think its nice to do least the people who send me emails all of the time thanking me for the handbag they got the best deal in their life for...
    So glad my buyers are happy and I guess the buyers are more important than a few on TPF who aren't.
    Stupid questions..ok...lets see
    how about....whats the size of the handbag..or what is the color...
    yet there are 10 pictures, with a description telling everything with every measurment.
    THAT IS A STUPID QUESTION! Smile and what I do....
    Walk into Macys, grab a black handbag, and ask the sales clerk...what color is this bag...they may be kind to your face.....just like me when I respond in an email, letting the person know,,,its black..thank you...walk a way and the sales associates will talk about that and laugh......
    Maybe I thought this forum was to share experiences, share like you are my freinds, laugh like we are buddies and talk like we are having a sleep over.... and laugh about it...
    Guess I was WRONG!

  9. Yes this is a challenge too..
    I am ALWAYS nice to my buyers, answer every question with respect, and say I am sorry they missed the information but its blah, blah, blah.....and say thank you.
    Many of you are kind and give advise..and its great..but I know how to respond to the questions, and laugh when its funny when I get a really silly question and hoped you would share similar experiences we all could laugh and feel that every one experiences these things..and instead of getting mad....but laugh...