Share your salad recipes here!

  1. I'm always looking for new salad creations to bring to work for lunch. I went grocery shopping yesterday and bought some new salad items to concoct some different creations.

    I thought it would be a good idea to post what salads you've tried lately that you really like :nuts:

    Here are a few of my favorites.

    Crab and Sun-Dried Tomato Salad (single serving)

    Fresh Express "Riviera" mix bagged lettuce
    Julienne carrots
    Packaged sun-dried tomatoes (available in the produce aisle); just a few sprinkled on top
    1/4 cup imitation crab meat
    Seasoned croutons

    Toss all ingredients in bowl/Tupperware container. Add dressing. Eat :nuts:
    Calorie Total: Approx. 270

    Recommended dressing(s) - Good Seasons Asian Sesame Ginger or Light Honey Dijon

    Tuna and Mushroom Salad (single serving)

    Fresh Express Romaine bagged lettuce
    1 can white albacore tuna in water, drained
    grape tomatoes
    fresh white mushrooms, sliced
    Garlic and cheese croutons

    Toss all ingredients in bowl/Tupperware container. Add dressing. Eat :nuts:

    Recommended dressing(s) - Ken's Steak House Lite Creamy Parmesan
    Calorie Total: Approx. 350
  2. Cristina, what a good idea for a thread! I'm going to try your recipes right away. They sound delicious!
  3. Just make sure there is NO spinach in your mix salad bags.
  4. This is my favorite salad:

    Romaine lettuce
    Red Onions
    Dried Cranberries
    Blue Cheese
    Red wine vinagrette

  5. My recipe
    romaine lettuce
    red wine & vinegar dressing (kraft)
    chilean grapes

    i like to mix sour and sweet stuff:Push:
  6. Good point Selena! I sometimes use the Fresh Express "Spring Mix" blend, which contains spinach. I won't be using that for a while.

    Mmm, I love dried cranberries and walnuts together! That salad sounds delicious :nuts:

    Here's another one with chicken...

    Chicken and Chickpea Salad (single serving)
    Fresh Express Riviera blend bagged lettuce (it's butter lettuce and raddichio, no spinach!)
    1 serving of Perdue "Short Cuts" pre-cooked chilled sliced chicken breast. These are so good! You can find them in the chicken/meats section, or next to the fresh seafood counter. I usually buy the Italian or Fajita flavored strips.
    1/4 (or a bit less) cup chickpeas, drained
    Fresh cut broccoli and cauliflower florets
    Juilienne carrots
    Ranch flavored croutons

    Toss all ingredients in bowl/Tupperware container. Add dressing. Eat :nuts:
    Calorie Total - Approx. 370

    Recommended Dressing(s) - Lite buttermilk ranch or blue cheese
  7. I love salads!!!

    Here's one I've been eating the last couple of days.

    Fresh Express mix bagged lettuce
    Shrimp (I buy the Medium frozen shrimp from Sams and just defrost 6-8 pieces before I make the salad-- u run it under cold water for 5mins)
    Cherry Tomatoes
    Sliced mushroom
    Parmesan cheese to top it off

    I like using Sweet Honey Catalina for my dressing.
  8. hi, this is a little out of topic, but i've noticed that a few PFers from the southern states mentioned they won't eat spinach.... why is that?

    my favourite salad is the following:

    mixed lettuce
    a few cherry tomatoes
    chicken breast cut up in little pieces

    and the dressing:
    low fat youghurt mixed with a teaspoon of curry (it's greeeat, believe me!!!)

    this salad is good meal without many calories. if any of you try it, post your opinion. Thanks!
  9. :sad: Unfortunately the U.S. has suffered an outbreak of E.Coli. Spinach is the culprit.

    By the way, your recipe sounds delicious! I'll give it a try soon. Thanks for posting it.
  10. My favourite easy lunch salad:

    1 large tomato
    1 avocado
    1/4 small melon (cantaloupe or similar)

    Cut everything in cubes, mix w/ salt, pepper and some lemonjuice.

    Delicious as it is, or add some chicken, ham or blue cheese for a change.
    I have also sometimes added smoked salmon or shrimps, that works equally well.

    If you make it a few hours prior to eating it, it might be a good idea to be generous with the lemonjuice, to prevent the avocado from darkening.
  11. Oh my god Selena! That is my favourite salad too but I also add strawberries. Try it; it is the most delicious thing EVER!!