Share your recipes for homemade Coffee/Tea drinks!

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  1. My new favorite drink is a "London Fog"-- it has Earl Grey tea, steamed whole milk and a shot of vanilla syrup. I've been making them at home with Earl Grey, skim milk, vanilla extract & splenda and it tastes just as good without all the calories. I'm getting addicted to them lol :upsidedown:

    So does anyone else have a recipe for yummy coffee or tea drinks to make at home? :flowers:
  2. that sounds really good! i'll have to try it sometime.
  3. I tend to make iced coffee beverages, so i would love it if any of you have any good recipes. I either brew my coffee of choice and add milk, with a shot of vanilla syrup and ice or if I feel like something a little different I boil some milk with some vanilla pods in it, then in a blender I add my coffee, milk and some vanilla ice cream and ice.
  4. ^ Yum! That sounds great!

    I've also made really good homemade hot chocolate before... You need good chocolate with a higher cocoa butter content (the waxy stuff like Hersheys won't work), or it comes out gritty. I've used Trader Joe's belgian chocolate and Lindt, but I like Cadbury's Royal Dark best. It's cheap, but it's got a great taste and texture!... You just pour milk into a sauce pan and heat it up until it's steaming-- but not simmering-- and whisk it while you add pieces of the chocolate. You just keep whisking it until it's smooth and then drink it. Any kind of milk works, but it tastes the best with full fat milk. It's sooooo yummy, but it's really fattening so I only make it like once a year :shame:...
  5. When ever I have left over coffee I freeze it in ice cube trays, that way I can make blended coffee drinks in a snap.
  6. ^ OMG that is SUCH a great idea!!!! :nuts:
  7. why didnt i think of doing that?! thanks for sharing!
  8. What a great idea! Thanks!
  9. coffee with condensed milk is delicious:tup:.
  10. You're welcome :smile: DH loves this way, I can make them heathier and obviously a lot cheaper!
  11. Coffee + brandy = mmm. It's def an after-dinner drink, though lol.
  12. sun brewed raspberry iced tea

    1 pitcher of water
    6 tea bags
    sugar in the raw (eyeball it)

    let it sit in the sun on a warm sunny day for 2 hours or so, then refridgerate and serve with ice, fresh crushed and whole raspberries, and mint (optional) :drool:
  13. ^ That sounds delicious! I'm going to try making it without the sugar :tup:
  14. i make it without sugar and raspberries too, but the raspberries are so tart, i usually just add a little sweetness to balance
  15. So London Fogs are tasty, then? I saw them serving it in a cafe once, but I was too chicken to stray from my usual order. I'll have to try it!