Share Your Recent Bag Offers Thread

Birkin Shadow Clutch Noir - Pass
Picotin 18 Gold or Etoupe - Pass
K32 New Bleu Jean - Pass
ML New White, PHW - Pass
B30 Epsom Noir GHW - Yes

Some of the passed bags do not have more detail because they were verbal and I wasn't interested in asking about specs.

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This was honestly a big surprise since I did not specify the leather in my wishlist - but I was expecting a standard leather like Togo for a Birkin. I was not aware that regular (non-sellier) birkins came in Epsom also.

Initially I was hesitant about this offer because I know epsom is a leather that works best with vibrant colors... But then my SA brought out a display B30 in Togo/clemence to compare weights and I knew that I had to take this because it was soooo much lighter. I'm also happy with how the slight sheen makes the bag look like a very dark gray color in certain lighting because it adds texture to my outfits (which are mostly black lol) 😂

I now own 3 bags in different leathers (clemence, Togo and epsom) so perhaps I will look to evening out my collection with other leathers in the future! 🤔
Congrats on this beauty! 😍
Mini Constance in vert fizz with enameled light blue hardware ( not sure what the color is). I was told this is a limited edition item so if anyone have any details, would love to know more!

I’m picking up this weekend🥰
Sounds like a great color combination; I am not versed in C or in LEs, but it seems that @sillygooose just got her LE Constance with the enamel HW. She might have more information on them :tup:

I finally said YES to a Constance! After collecting H for more than 10 years… always wanted a Constance to complete the trinity but ever found one I liked enough to commit… until now!!! I’ve always thought the H buckle was too loud and wanted something more subtle (looked at the enamel range and also considered paler colors with GHW/RGHW but alas didn’t see one that made me want to say yes! Was offered a Quebrancho chevre GHW C18 a few years ago… that was an almost yes…..)

Fast forward to December a lovely tpfer posted a C18 offer that made my heart skip a beat.. I sent the photo to my SA, didn’t think I would be able to get one cos it seemed so rare….. 3 months later… my SA said she “might be able to find it for me”…….didnt want to get my hopes up when I went in to pick up something else and there she is!!!!

My FIRST blue box, FIRST box leather and FIRST Constance! C18 black box with aventurine buckle! The buckle is midnight blue… looks like the starry sky… mesmerizing!!!!! Thanks for hearing me out and letting me share!!!!!!

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I was given an option of black, white, volynka, new blue jean, craie or gold MK. I was deciding between blue jean and craie but by the time I decided only craie was left which of course was fine. Sometimes too many choices is not a good thing. Love love the bag
Man, I would have loved to seen all of them lined up - what a sight that would have been!
For sure!! The colors were read to me and bags brought one at a time. To be exact, I bought the first one brought out but they said if I did not go with craie they will put it away and bring the next out.

I’m sure it had to do with security, but had you wanted to buy the craie had you changed your mind, you could have. At least 95% sure unless policy has changed.
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Hi everyone 🥰!!

Just had my first ever Birkin wish of the year dropped! Pinch myself moment. However, this is my first ever Birkin and the wish spec is pretty different.

I popped on my wish list…
Birkin 25 Togo
Gold Hardware
Gris Perle

My heart skipped a beat when i seen the email, however it did slightly sink as the colour/size/leather is off for me.

I am also quite a casual dresser,
Height 5ft2 so thought the 25 size and togo would look pretty cool/casual with my style.

The leather and size that has been offered i feel is more a classic/chic style? I know this is such a stunning leather? Maybe for more so a collector who already has a few birkins? However this is my first birkin and neither the less i will definitely go and see in store and try her🤎.

Any advice or even owners for similar spec please let me know your thoughts please 🤎


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