Share your REALLY easy recipes for anything

  1. By really easy I mean reeeaaally easy.

    For me, my easiest fix for a sweet tooth is 'mochi', a japanese sticky rice ball usually filled with red bean or other things (i'm only familiar with red bean). Traditional variations of this dessert is quite complicated to make but my cheat's way only takes 4 minutes... hehe.

    Basically, you want a ratio of 1 glutinous rice flour: 1 water and: 1/3 of sugar. Mix it well and put it in the microwave on high for 4 minutes. It should come out just like mochi! Then pour red bean paste in it.

    It doesn't look anything like it, but it tastes just as good :smile:.
  2. A SUPER easy peanut butter cookie with an easier clean up I recently discovered is....

    1 cup peanut butter
    1 cup sugar
    1 egg

    Yep, that's it. Simply mix all the ingredients, roll into small balls, drop on a cookie sheet and cross criss each ball with a fork to smash down. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes. Makes 18-24 cookies.

    I love this recipe....fresh, homemade cookies in less than 20 minutes from start to clean up.
  3. Super easy fudge? 1 package milk chocolate chips and 1 can condensed milk. Stick them in a bowl and microwave for 30 second increments until melted. Stir well then put in an 8x8 pan and put in the fridge. Solidifies within an hour, stays nice and hard. I could never make fudge until I found this recipe, and it is INCREDIBLE! Tastes like good on Branson fudge!
  4. The fudge sounds really, really awesome! And i'm allergic to peanuts... which really sucks. But lol my lazy brain is telling me the fudge is awesome.
  5. Oh, I am so going to try this, but with dark chocolate chips!

  6. :wtf:I AM ALLERGIC TO PEANUTS TOO! all nuts actually, anaphylactic! I have very rarely been able to eat fudge all my life, but this stuff is AWESOME! :yahoo:
  7. Really easy lemon trifle:

    Buy a pound cake and cut it into 1" cubes.

    Take 1 pint heavy cream and whip it in the mixer until it turns into whipped cream. Fold in about 1/2 cup of store bought lemon curd.

    Layer the cake cubes with the lemon whipped cream and some kind of berries in a glass dish and refrigerate :tup:
  8. Isn't there a variation of this that involves miniature marshmallows?

    Anyway, here is my easy recipe:

    Cherry tomatoes
    Sliced black olives
    Mozzarella cheese cubes
    Fresh basil leaves torn into bits
    Good Seasons Italian Dressing that you have mixed up according to directions on box, except I use way less oil and more vinegar and almost no water.

    Throw above in a bowl, mix it up, and let it sit out for a few hours. Every once in so often go stir it around a little bit.

    After a few hours have passed, thrust a spoon in, remove filled spoon from bowl, and insert carefully into mouth.

    Remove spoon from mouth, and thrust it once again into bowl, etc.
  9. This sounds yummy..! But there's no flour, so how does that work...?
  10. Lol I love that description!
  11. I have NO idea HOW it works but it does. :yes:

    Just make sure you let the cookies cool for a few minutes before removing from the cookie sheet or they fall apart. If you like peanut butter cookies you must try this. You can whip up fresh, warm from the oven cookies in minutes. The are very peanut buttery and tasty.
  12. ^^ Ohhh I looooove Peanut butter! But my hips & thighs don't :push: But oh well! Still gonna give this a go and make them for my boy tomorrow :p
    Thanks again!
  13. Easy black bean soup -

    Take 2 cans black beans and one cup salsa (as hot as you like) and blend together with 1/2 can of water (can add more water if you want a thinner soup). Put on stove top and simmer until hot. Add cayene pepper and hot sauce to taste. If you want, you can garnish with chopped scallions and sour cream (can be low fat if you want to save on calories).
  14. Ooooh... I think I could do this with pumpkin and coconut milk too instead of beans and salsa. I love soup.
  15. willowsmom reminded me of another easy recipe I don't know if I have posted here, actually there are two:

    Tomatillo Salsa
    Run the tomatillos under slightly warm water while you take the leaves off. Throw them in a pot of water. Add jalapeños, and boil until the first skin starts to split.
    Throw away water, throw tomatillos and jalapeños into the blender with garlic, salt, and pepper, blend until smooth, or stop blending while still chunky.

    (This is a useful thing to put on almost everything you eat. The way to use it to stealthily reduce your calories while still eating things you like is, put a little bit of the thing you like, rice, for instance, and top it with a whole mess of chimol. It has almost no calories so you can eat all you want!)

    Take a couple of tomatoes and a big onion and cut them up into tiny bits. you can use Vidalia onion if you can get them, green onions, or whatever you want, or mix and match.
    cut up a little cilantro. you can also cut up a little sweet pepper, jalapeños, radishes, etc.
    Throw it all in a bowl and mix in some garlic, salt, and pepper.