Share your proudest design/element in your kitchen!

  1. Hallo, fellow PFers,

    We are planning to remodel our kitchen and dinning area. I would love to get some tips for everything in the kitchen. I'd appreciate if you could share your proudest element or design in your kitchen with me. For that be how you organise your plats, cutlery, cooking pots, tupperware, your appliances to even your doggie bowls (I have seen little drawer coming out of the bottom of island with dog bowls in it), to lighting plan, to floor, range hood or simple the entire kitchen. It would be great if you could post pictures as well. Is there something that you think everyone should have in their kitchen?

    If there is already a similar thread, please direct me to its location. Thanks.:idea:

  2. My granite counter tops are my pride and joy! So is my Viking stove and range.
  3. I'm still working on my kitchen but so far my favorite element is the wood floor.
    I also have really pretty granite counter-tops.
  4. i love my subway tiles!!
  5. My island is partially moveable! the entire storage (where i keep my cutlery, cooking pots and pans etc) slides out completely and can be doubled as a chopping board (wooden), dining table, extra serving table... i love it!
  6. My granite counter tops, mosaic tile back splash and flooring, and stainless steel appliances :smile: The best room in my house...
  7. I like my huge open floor plan with the countertop in a U shape. I like that my kitchen is open to the rest of the house but is bordered with soffits all around it. I like that it has a ton of electrical outlets and recessed light fixtures everywhere - new construction is the best. I enjoyed picking out all of the finishes so it is exactly the way I want it. Some construction photos are attached. Hope these ideas inspire you!
    Kitchen_southern_portion_resized.jpg Kitchen_soffit_resized.jpg Kitchen_counter_resized.jpg
  8. ***:drool:*** keep those ideas coming! I am going to be starting a kitchen remodel this year..
  9. We have chicago brick floors in our kitchen, breakfast area. I totally love those!!! Our home is very Acadian!
  10. Very interesting! Do you think it's possible to show us a pic of your movable island?
  11. Thank you for all your ideas! Keep them coming as Florasun said, we definitely need inspiration!

    leelee, la miss: I like granite too, but my husband decided on using Quartz which is much less maintanence. And I am hoping to find wood floor underneath the 2 layers of terra-cotta and what not. Then again, if there is no original wood floor, I will be putting heated new floor.

    Thanks, Princess, daphodill84, Biloxiblu, cocogirl, I appreciate your idea and pictures.

    I think (still undecided what exactly we want) we will go for the simple elegant look. However, I want dark chocolate, hubby wants light cabinet. I want cooktop by the wall, he wants it on the island. There are many more details to decide on. I know what it means now when people said rennovation is very stressful for couple.