Share Your Nm / Bg Bookmarks (even If It Shows As Unavailable)

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  1. So I thought why don't we all pool in and share bookmarks of Premier Designer bags from Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf ? I've tried posting as many as I can and would love it if others can help me in this quest.
    It doesnt matter if they show up as unavailable as some pop up every now and then. Just post them on here !:smile:
  2. I'm new to this forum. I' ve been enjoying all your posts this morning. When I tried to look up from NM website I couldn't find all the deals you posted, is that some kind of special deals?
  3. No, they are just not the main website but can be found from old bookmarks. For some reason NM & BG both made Sale Premier Handbags unaccessible through the main website.
  4. Actually, maybe we could make a sticky under which we post all these bookmarks. What does everybody think ?
  5. They are not all "premier" bags, but here are a bunch of mine:

    Botkier Clyde Leather Tote - Handbags -;jsessionid=GNOK1ND1PMBZ4CQAAKHRADA?itemId=prod23070004&parentId=cat9300740&index=9&cmCat=
    Botkier Leather Fan Hobo -
    Botkier Medium Leather Trigger Shoulder Bag, Mauve -
    Botkier Stirrup Hobo, Metallic Twilight or Chestnut -
    Botkier Trigger Leather Shoulder Bag -;jsessionid=B5BMD4RHFOB5ECQAAKHRABY?itemId=prod27100238&parentId=cat8040734&masterId=cat000226&index=5&cmCat=
    Botkier Trigger Turbo Shoulder Bag -;jsessionid=YLVJGSWCTXZWWCQAAKJRACY?itemId=prod31570014&parentId=cat6070734&masterId=cat10270740&index=18&cmCat=cat000000cat980731cat6000734cat10270740cat60
    Bulga Large Studded Hobo, Green & Eggplant -
    Bulga Large Studded Hobo, Goldrush -
    Bulga Leather Studded Hobo, Large -
    Bulga Studded Leather Satchel -
    Bulga Studded Satchel, Goldrush or Amaretto -
    Chloe Ascot Hobo -
    Chloe Ascot Tote - Handbags -
    Chloe Betty Patent Satchel -
    Chloe Betty Satchel, Large -
    Chloe Bracelet Bag -
    Chloe Edith Satchel, Putty -
    Chloe Edith Satchel, Chamois -
    Chloe Edith Shopper -
    Chloe Kerala Bowler, Large -
    Chloe Kerala Leather Satchel -
    Chloe Large Paddington Hobo -
    Chloe Large Tracy Tote -
    Chloe Leather Padlock Satchel, Khaki -
    Chloe Metallic Paddington Continental Wallet -
    Chloe Metallic Paddington Hobo, Large -
    Chloe Paddington Leather Hobo, Large -
    Chloe Paddington Satchel -
    Chloe Tracy Medium Zip Bag -
    Cole Haan Bangle Bag -
    Cole Haan Leather Shoulder Bag -
    Fendi Knit Chef Bag -
    Fendi Magic Canvas Satchel -
    Fendi Metallic Mini Chef Bag -
    Gerard Darel Metallic Leather Satchel -
    Gucci Large Boston Bag -
    Gucci Medium Shoulder Bag, GG Fabric -
    Gucci Medium Shoulder Bag, Teal -
    Gucci Medium Tote -
    Gucci Treasure Small Boston Bag -
    Hogan Leather Shopper, Large -
    Hogan Medium Kesia Tote -
    Juicy Couture Jeweled Evening Bag -
    Luella Gisele Bag -
    Monica Botkier Leather Medium Trigger Shoulder Bag -
    YSL Personalized Muse Bag -
    YSL Stitched Hobo -
    Yves Saint Laurent Kahala Yachting Tote -
  6. Wow! terrific list.Thanks for that, and I think a sticky would be great!!
  7. gayathir - I don't understand what you mean, how do you find these great deals? When you say it is not under their main website?
  8. It doesn't appear on the sale section, i.e you cant find them directly through the website's sale section. The only way one can access these is either through a google search, a bookmark or looking it with a catalog number.
  9. Any link to a Ollie? Thank you.
  10. Afternoon Ladies I wonder if there is any way to find out what bags are on sale and available through the search. I've found so many GREAT bags but they're unavailable.:sad::crybaby:
  11. maui - how old are some of those? I wonder if any would ever come back in stock.