share your NEW YEAR'sS RESOLUTION in this end of 2006

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  1. mine would be :
    1. be more independent
    2. to be braven myself to finally get a tattoo
    3. visit my parents more
  2. HHMMMM!!!
    -Start exercising more
    -not to curse ..LOL..not easy for me..I have a potty mouth!
  3. lose 30 lbs. & exercise
  4. I totally forgot all about New Year's resolutions! :Push: Must get thinking now!
  5. -to definantely lose weight.. my diet is starting right after christmas (tomorrow.)
    -be nicer to people (i try to be nice already, but I want to be nicer)
    -to give more
    -spend more time with my family
    -get really good grades at school
    -buy more purses ahha
  6. I told my boyfriend I would quit smoking for him.
  7. Save money for a house
  8. I got my weight under control in the latter part of 2006, after completing graduate school. Weight Watchers is a wonderful program because I like eating real food. I am declaring 2007 will be the year I am debt free. I love purses, but the only bag I really want is an authentic LV speedy 30. Once I am debt free I can buy more after this bag.
  9. 1. learn to drive
    2. raise my gpa
  10. 1. lose weight...(but, in addition, be comfortable and love myself no matter what my weight more allowing that number to control how i feel about myself).
    2. study more, procrastinate less.
    3. work on the bad language...
    4. and while it seems like a big thing...figure out what the heck i'm going to do with my life once i graduate. (thinking about peace corps temporarily...anyone?)
  11. - worry about myself and not those around me.
    - take the high road always
    - help those less fortunate more
    - start having more time to take care of me - work out at least 3 times a week, have alone time to think etc.

    But my top resolution, is to learn more- never close my mind. This year my main resolution is to learn German.
  12. -BF and I have chosen 1st JAn 2007 as our anniversary date. (a NewStart of our special relationship)
    - Leave the past behind.
    - Tone up and lose some extra pounds.
    - Save money and buy a car.
    - Be more open minded about issues in life. (esp in a relationship)
    - Be there for all my family and friends.
  13. -improve my grades
    -be nicer
    -watch less television
    -save money
  14. learn to drive and lose at least...10 lbs...sounds easy...eeep i hope it is!
  15. what it is every year.....lose the winter fat!:lol: