Share your Lanvin flats/Shoes!

  1. Hello ladies,

    I have decided to get a pair of lanvin flats - but cant decide which one. Should i get the patent, or leather or mary janes, etc, etc, etc?

    I looked at tons of sites but would love it if you guys can share your pictures with me so I can make a swift decision!

    thanks guys!
  2. I like the patent leather mary janes. Throw all the trends in at once. :p I like all of their offerings, like the satin flats. LOVE! I am no help.
  3. I have these satin ones and in black leather, they are so fun and super comfy to wear. I also just bought the mary jane pump in black. I don't think you can go wrong either way.
    IMG_7242.JPG IMG_7243.JPG
  4. Chocolate perforated flats.

  5. savannah i love your flats! do you wear them casually? or are they more for evening?