share your knowledge please

  1. a while back, while shopping, i saw a gal who was carrying a large tote style bag over her shoulder. it was either a real or fake lv. it could have been vintage or just used. i have searched elux and find nothing that appears to be near this size. i adored it. anyone know anything about this bag. thanks!
  2. Can you describe the bag a little more?
  3. :confused1: Will need more information as some styles are discontinued and won't show up in their website any more.:smile:
  4. What is the material??

  5. I want to say Mono. :smile:
  6. something like this?? wild guess considering discontinued..

    Sac shopping

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    may be luco


  7. I was thinking Luco.
  8. sorry, i should have been more clear. yes, it was mono canvas. the gal was small and it dropped to below her belt and was wide as well.
  9. maybe the luco but it looked larger. maybe because the carrier was petite.
  10. ^ big chance it's luco..this bag is huge..
  11. I hope not this one LOL:


  12. Maybe the Cabas Alto? Like the Mezzo but bigger?

  13. is the luco discontinued? i couldn't find it on elux.
  14. Luco is discontinued.:sweatdrop:

  15. i remember that episode. ha ha ha