Share your ingenious "DIY" Coach projects...

  1. After reading a suggestion on this board on one way to solve the problem of the slipping shoulder strap (using the heel liners), I just started to wonder if anyone else had done any "do-it-yourself" tweaking on their bag to make it "better." Someone was thinking of removing the wide part of the Carly strap. I was toying with the idea of attaching a magnetic snap on my tote (don't care much for dogleash closure) but I could not find any snap that can be attached without having to pierce the leather. Care to share if you'd done something to your bag or wallet?;)
  2. I put a dab of "super glue" on the chain connection for the "hang tag" so that it does not come undone and lose the tag.:idea:

    On my Carly (medium) to make her strap longer I added an extra dog leash which gave her a couple of more inches, so that I did not have to buy my Carly in LARGE.
  3. Oh yeah, one more...and I have heard of using the checkbook part of a checkbook wallet for photos instead of your checkbook if you are not the type to carry your checkbook with you in your purse.
  4. i heard that to extend the strap on ur bag, u can just buy a trigger snap keyfob and add it to the strap!
  5. My husband came up with this idea too, but, he thinks that it will break and not be able to withstand the weight and abuse of a purse. He says :lecture:"It is made for KEYS, not for the weight of my "heavy" bag!!!"
  6. These are all good ideas. I'm just so afraid to do something that might hurt my purse. I guess that if it helps it would really be worth it though.
  7. Unfortunately it only comes in nickel (silver) though. All Carly's are brass.
  8. The superglue thing is a great idea! I would never have thought of that. I just lost one Coach hangtag. Thank goodness Coach sent a replacement at no cost!
  9. I know this is altering your bag big time...but some of the totes that only have a dogleash closure....I've added magnetic purse snaps to be more secure. I love them! You can get them at any Michael's or craft store. They sell them in gold or silver toned so you can match the hardware. The snaps are inside the bag so you can't see them on the outside at all.
  10. Cverhoff, please tell me, how did you attach the snaps? Were they adhesive? I searched online for magnetic snap closures and the ones i saw required piercing the bag to attach the closure. I also don't care much for the dogleash closure on totes.
  11. I had to pierce my bag (ducking). LOL.. The magnetic closures are strong magnets...I don't think there's any glue/adhesive that would hold them in place. The ones I bought had 2 prongs on each side that you slide into a slit and fold back to hold in place. I just took an exacto knife and made two small slits and then slid the prong in each slit and then bent the prongs back. It holds really well and if you measure perfectly and buy the silver or gold to match your hardware they look great. Like I said, they're inside the bag about 2 inches from the dogleash closure. One on each side. It works well for me and no one sees them but me.
  12. Thanks for sharing your tip! Yup, I've seen those magnetic snaps with prongs. I'm just afraid to cut my bag as I might mess it up:s
  13. I thought the same... Trust me I was sweating bullets when I got the knife out! But it was easy. I just made really small slits and worked great. I would NEVER attempt this on a new bag that I paid full price for (I would just return the bag) but I was ok doing it on a used bag I bought off of eBay. Maybe experiment on an old Target tote first?:idea:
  14. Great idea about experimenting, i have some old bags under the bed that haven't seen light in probably 7 years!