Share your impulsive pre-price increase Cartier buys!

  1. So...:smile:
    Anyone engage in a little unplanned Cartier shopping this weekend??
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1367272138.249818.jpg I did... Eternity band
  3. I did! I'm still waiting for it to come back from being sized :biggrin:
  4. What is it?!
  5. my lips are sealed until I pick it come from sizing :biggrin: hehe i'm evil!
  6. Yes u are! :p
  7. Ho there, I just found out today that Japan E boutique actually has a lower price .... You might want to check the price.. Cuz mine is $500 less if I have bought in Japan . I used google to convert the currency.

    But I'm excited about your purchase and please do post pictures after you get it :smile:
  8. thanks!

    it may actually end up being more then retail because duties coming into Canada can be upwards of 25% of price paid for the item!

    taxes are 13% here so I rather buy from my local boutique :smile:
  9. Presenting Candice's baby Love....

  10. Diamants Légers de Cartier bracelet. Now it's $6,100.:amazed:
  11. love this!

    crazy increases..... 3 more years of increases and this bracelet will be close to 10k!!!

  12. Perhaps... Plain Loves will be close to 10k, too!!! I cannot believe that WG 4-diamond Love is now more than 10k. I honestly feel that 10K is the price for the full diamond one!!!!! really crazy!!!
  13. same here! I think 10 diamond love- 10k......not anymore!
  14. Just love this!
  15. I absolutely love your DLDC bracelet!!!!