Share your health foods and eating tips!

  1. So far I've discovered:

    - Replacing all pasta with Shirataki you can find them at whole food stores and it's tasty and great for you!

    - Using a low-fat protein rich granola in salads instead of croutons, still crunchy and more protein for you.

    - Balsamic Vinegar: 6 calories in a tablespoon, works wonderfully just as a salad dressing. Add a dash of honey and sautee fruits in it (Starfruit on balsamic vinegar & a bit of honey is TDF). Or soak zuchinni in it and then stuff in a wrap or salad.

    - Provide yourself with tons of healthy snacking options (carrots, granola etc...)

    - Do lettuce wraps instead of burritos. Steam iceberg lettuce for 10secs and then wrap.

    - Use non-fat yogurt instead of sour cream. If you mix with spices it works well as a ricotta cheese subsitute also.

    Okay ladies... what are your tips and replacements?
  2. For pasta: shirataki, spagetti squash, glass noodles
    Bread/tortilla: lettuce
    Meat: tofu/ favorite is making chilli replacing meat with combo of tempeh and tofu.
    Ice cream: I freeze fat fee yogurt and top with fruits

    I made fresh cheese from fat free yogurt. Drain the liquid from yogurt by using cheese cloths , put it in the fridge over nigt. To make it fancy sometime I add fruit jams and nuts..
  3. tofuyan small whole wheat pitas are only 70 calories apiece and have several grams of fiber. they're the perfect size to use instead of a traditional hamburger bun (or turkeyburger!) - for anyone on weight watchers, they're only 1 weight watchers point apiece.

    la tortilla factory makes large whole-wheat tortillas that are only 1 weight watchers point apiece and have a whopping 14 grams of fiber apeice (fiber keeps you fuller longer). they're the best tortillas out there that i've found, and i've spent a lot of time in the tortilla section reading labels. most tortillas are worse for you than regular bread, so be careful.

    a great idea with the tortillas is to lay one flat on a baking sheet, smear a little pesto sauce on it (the olive oil it has in it is rich in nutrients), and top with a ton of fresh spinach, mozzarella cheese, and thin slices of red bell pepper. drizzle a little olive oil on top, pop it in the oven, and you've got a DELICIOUS and really healthy personal pizza :smile:
  4. I have got to try this!

    and this too! Great tips! :love:
  5. Megs and I just munched on some Soy Crisps. They are low in calories and really a tasty alternative to chips. We also had vegetables with hummus, also really good. Go us!
  6. Vlad are you eating a lot healthier now that you're with your better half? <ggg>
  7. My friend found out about VitaMuffin on the website and absolutely loves them. They're high in fiber and reasonable in terms of the calorie count, and they are supposed to good at keeping you full (especially as a snack). She says they're better warm/toasted rather instead of at room temperature or cold. I tried the double chocolate and was impressed, but haven't gotten around to ordering them yet.
  8. i ordered some blueberry bran vitamuffins, and they're pretty tasty! the more fiber, the better at keeping you full. another good one that another tPFer recommended is healthy valley fat-free oatmeal cookies! quite yummy.
  9. I don't know if this is considered healthy though. I used to drink a grande soy latte from starbucks daily. Then I switched to 3 shots of espresso daily. And dropped 5 lbs.
  10. He is trying to!!! I am a pretty good influence on him but he needs some fire under his rear from time to time!! :rolleyes:
  11. if im in a soda mood, and god no i will never drink non-diet (i hate the taste anyway), and either ur out of diet or dont feel like the artifical taste, mix up some fresh juice (work best with orange but all fresh jucies work well) in a equal part with mineral water (or soda water) it tastes orgasmic!!!! (sorry if it inaproprate) but it tastes better than soda and has a real fruit taste in it, best of all you see what went in!
    my second fix is for homemade icecream, choop up some bananas and seal in tuperware and store in frezzer overnight (make sure it is tightly sealed to avoid shifting meat smells i put in in a plasitic zip lock first) then when it is ready, chuck it in the blender with a few cherrys or raspberries (for colour) honey to your desired taste and you have the healthiest homemade ice cream ever, sure it will only last 1 or 2 days but you can pig out and eat the whole lot and u only ate the calories of 2 or 3 bananas!
    if ur really naughty (refer to nick-name) make you own healthy chocolate sauce, its not from scratch cos that way too hard, simply melt coca (you can buy bars of coca or carab from supermarkets or delis) and melt in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water (we all know the technique) add either honey, equal or sugar to taste (i like it very unsweetened) and skim milk to make it creamier depending on what you want in for, use the sauce on anything, icecream (as mentioned) smoothie flavour, dip strawberries and cool in fridge, set as homemade chocolate bars! or id ur dareing (like my parents) use it as a pork, beef or lamb sauce
    HTH if i think of more ill come back with them
  12. those campbell select soups that come in microwave-ready little tubs are AWESOME. the vegetarian ones (minestrone and lentil) are only about 200-250 calories for the whole thing and they make a very satisfying lunch by themselves.

    but if you're being sodium conscious, be careful. they have insane amounts of sodium.
  13. naughtymanolo, GREAT RECIPE:heart::yes::biggrin:
  14. thanks did you try it?
  15. hi, definitely going to try the "orgasmic soda":biggrin: & the banana icecream:P Sound so yummy already;)