Share your Guilloche pics!!

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  1. Hi friends! I am newly obsessed with every single guilloché piece from VCA and thought it might be a good idea to have a dedicated thread where you can post all your stunning pieces! :yahoo:
  2. I’m following this thread, can’t wait to see!
  3. I’m obsessed too and waiting for my first piece.
  4. A25B2559-D30C-49CF-BF73-5408D8E4E55A.jpeg D9B0C791-6B3C-440E-AA51-1DD7353AE2BA.jpeg 54224328-A902-4061-A967-6570FD996EA5.jpeg ECB25A68-119E-488B-BAAF-0228D1A20936.jpeg

    I bought the earrings first and though I don’t like to be matchy matchy, I just couldn’t pass up the pendant. Absolutely in love!
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  5. Looove guilloche. This is not mine...yet!!!

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  7. It's got your name written all over! Totally TDF - on you! I might skip this year's LE pendant for something guilloche ... But a turquoise ring beckons!
  8. Gorgeous pieces ladies, keep them coming!

    Here's my 10-motif wrapped as a triple bracelet with a 2" extender.

    Question for you all - I have been considering getting the guilloche earrings as well, but would like them to match PG jewelry which is the majority of my jewelry collection so far. Do you think the YG guilloche (blingy as it is) will match PG ok or should I wait to see if they will release the guilloche in PG? Or request an SO despite the upcharge?
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  9. Sigh... so gorgeous!
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  10. I am eyeing the sweet watch. Anyone got it/tried it yet? Enabling photos please!
  11. I have mostly pink gold because my engagement ring is pink gold. The guilloche matches pink gold pretty well. It’s not as yellow as the hammered yellow gold. I’m not sure that you are able to SO pink gold guilloche at this point.

    The guilloche earrings look nice with pink gold necklaces. I just tried some things on yesterday.
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    I did a little cut and paste using YMOP and guilloche - and voila! This is what I want but I probably have to wait until I am in my 50s for VCA to make these!

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  13. Omg those are stunning! I had not seen those!
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  14. Can you get a job at vca so you can influence their creations! This is to die for and I would buy!
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  15. I think the YG and PG blend just fine. I highly doubt that VCA would do a SO in guilloche to change the metal to pink gold. It isn't like other creations where the stone is set into a metal frame. Here, the creation itself is gold. But, I suppose stranger things have happened!