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  1. My givenchy family is growing. Here is my new to me, micro Lucrezia in hot pink. Bought thru Poshmark in brand new condition. Poshmark also authenticated this bag.
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  2. You have an amazing collection , I am virtually droooling at the sight of your photos. Very well curated bag with a good variety in color and bag type! i ve always had my eyes on the obsedia tote, but I understand they don't make it anymore . I had a friend who wanted to sell one to me, but for some reason here obsedia black tote looked floppy ( not sure if it's because of improper storage) . If I were to ever come across an obsedia tote, would you say that the leather stays structured? Or has yours become a lil weathered at all?
  3. Thank you, love the obsedia totes! I've had mine for many years now and they're perfect, no slouch, no sagging, etc. The smalls are much structured than med, but no issues whatsoever with either size.

    Some floppiness could be improper storage or handling or else, could be overuse and therefore, leather has softened as a result.
  4. thank you very much for your response. You haven't by any chance owned a large obsedia, have you?
  5. I don't think they made a large, the largest was the med.

  6. Thanks for your response. A reseller advertised her bag as a large , but then I realised that she was probably referring to a medium based on the dimensions provided. Still thinking if I should get the bag . It's a taupe/black medium obsedia tote going for approx USD 1.2k . I loved this bag many years ago , and missed the opportunity to get one. Now that I have the opportunity, I'm having second thoughts.

    Quick question , in your opinion , do you reckon that this bag could be worn casually? Or do you think this bag should be used for work only ? Plus the medium size, it makes it look even more unsuitable for casual use... Hmmmm
    Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 11.11.46 AM.png
  7. My small Pandora and medium Nightingale ☺️
  8. this makes me want a nude pandora now. so cute!
  9. upload_2018-9-24_17-52-39.png
    Few members of my Givenchy family
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  11. Decided to take inventory of my Givenchy babies! I love them all so so much.

  12. Orange mock croc gale twin! only other one I've seen. Great collection.
  13. Thanks! She’s still one of my favs.