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  1. Here's mine
  2. Been 5 years since I took inventory of all my Givenchy bags. It sure has grown...what can I say, I'm a fan. Their design just fit my style well.

    Pic 1 of ?
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  8. lovely collection, randr21!
  9. Dear randr21, may I ask you how do you feel about your obsedia tote as a work bag? Do you have it medium or small size?
  10. I have 3 mediums and 2 smalls. It all started with the med black. The first time I used it was for work, and someone on the street stopped me to compliment it and ask who made it.

    It's such a smart looking bag for work, more elevated and refined. It also holds a decent amount.
    The pebbled leather is hardy and it looks amazing when you carry it to dinner or some event after work.

    I loved it so much that I bought the pearl grey and oxblood. Then the smalls came, which are great for casual or formal outings. Really well made bags, I highly recommend.
  11. Thank you for reply! i think i should look closer to this style as now considering a structured bag for work. And i love givenchy. But i need some go everywhere bag due to my life style with lots of traveling..
  12. If you're looking for a work bag that also travels well, then I'd recommend the nightingale. There's a reason why I own so many! I know it's not structured, but it's such a practical bag. Antigona is the only other bag that may be good for both. Personally, I prefer unstructured when I travel. Either way, good luck with your search.
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  13. Personally I don't like the antigona style, I do like the gale, but the don't like the way handles stick out when carried on the shoulder.. Do you mainly carry your gales by the handles or on the shoulder? You have a terrific collection of gales btw :smile:
  14. Yes, 95% of time I carry my gales on the shoulder. I hug it to my body on cramped subways or walking down streets bc that's what works when you live in nyc, or when I travel, I sometimes use it as an emergency pillow. I can even wear it crossbody if I need to.

    I've never had any issues with my older gale handles digging in or making me uncomfortable in any way when I carry them. That's the beauty of unstructured imo. In fact, a few become so soft that the handles kind of fold over when carried on shoulder. The handles are also less structured and stiff compared to the antigona.

    But if it's the look of the handles when carried that bothers you, then it's probably not what you'd like.
  15. I browsed a lot of pictures and videos and still feel that the handles will "stick out". Same was when I tried it on in store a few years ago. I believe I'd be enjoying this beautiful bag from side on some one else :smile: thanks for your explanations and time!