Share Your Givenchy Family Pic

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  1. image.jpeg
    Givenchy has stolen my ❤️! I love how they only have classic bags. I dislike how other brands have way too many options only to discontinue them after a few seasons.
    I'm hoping to add a nightingale in the future.
  2. IMG_1485061332.902924.jpg

    Sharing my small Givenchy family! Started off with the small Pandora in nude sometime in July 2015, followed by a small nightingale in a teal colour in Jun 2016, small Pandora pure in navy in Sep 2016 and a minty green micro Antigona in Jan 2017. I normally go for the small size for Givenchy but I thought the small Antigona is too bulky for my liking, plus i am unable to cross body hence micro size.
  3. Beautiful teal gale!
  4. Thank you. One of my fav bags
  5. Love your well balanced, one of each style collection. Any future additions?
  6. IMG_2717.JPG My first ever Givenchy bag. Always brought Louis Vuitton or Mulberry. Had great customer service in selfridges in London. They were so helpful and nice :flowers:
  7. Probably a small Pandora box. Had a hard time deciding btw the box and the pure but i eventually went with the latter tho i still think of a box from time to time
  8. image.jpeg image.jpeg

    Mini smooth calf Antigona 2017
    Med waxy calf Pandora w/ embellishment 2016 (?)
    Second pic to show detail better.
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  9. You got some great workhorse classics that will take you frm work to play to travel.
  10. Yes, I like to think of them as a small but highly functional family:smile:. I am new to Givenchy but have quickly learned the appeal. Your gorgeous collection made me gasp out loud (GOL) haha!
  11. Thanks, im embarrassed that my family has grown since then, but it makes me happy to see others enjoying givenchy bags more now. They were really the under the radar, cool yet easy to use designs.
  12. My small electric blue pandora and mini red pandora. Both in sugar leather. My mini nightingale in the new style. Been loving my Givenchy bags. So light weight and easy to carry especially on the NYC subway.

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  13. My new to me black gale and had to take a pic of my whole family.

  14. This is a wonderful collection. Love it!
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  15. I swoon over your collection of old gales and how each bag color is really perfect palette for any wardrobe.
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