Share Your Givenchy Family Pic

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  1. #1 Jun 21, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2012
    Since we're all G addicts already, let's share our family pics. I'll start with mine.

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  2. Oh wow!!!
    Gorgeous collection!!!! Hope to have one G soon!!
  3. Whoah randr21, love all your nightingales!

    One day I hope to find a nightingale with embellishments at the front and have the mettalic 4G logo.

    But for now, here's my teeny tiny collection (if it can even be called that!)

    Errr, sorry for the massive photos :shame:

  4. :ps:
    Wow, what a gorgeous collection!!! Would you mind sharing the details of your bags. :smile:

    you have two beauties, pinkpeonies! I love neutrals! I just wish I wasn't afraid to buy and use them. :P
  5. Omg your collection is amazing. Would love to see individual pics!!!
  6. Love the pinks!! Beautiful choices.
  7. [​IMG]

    Departed family member:
  8. ty! can't wait to see what you get!

    um, lots of nightingales! :biggrin: all size mediums cuz I'm a shortie.
    2 med antigonas and 1 pandora, size med again.
    i returned the obsedia messenger cuz it was too wide/big for my frame. :sad:

    I have the off white 'gale and I'm afraid to use it too! am waiting for pink to come back after her LMB arrives to tell me if it's not so scary to use it out.

    sry dapho, took me like an hour to take out/put back all the bags so it'll have to be some rainy, boring day.
  9. very ecletic collection! pepe panda, BoP clutch, an eclipse and one I'm not sure what the style is called.
  10. Lol randr21 - this is too much pressure on me. I got my LMB last night and have wiped the Miracle Shield on it and used For Handles Only on the handles. I'll start to use the nightingale tomorrow. I will do a 2nd coat of both tonight. I did sprinkle some water on te corner of the bag last night after I did the miracle shield and it dried nicely. There was one drop that just didn't penetrate. But I'll try and hurry and report back.

    P.S. I'm always in black clothes for work. Clothes that have been washed a few times so any excess dye would surely have been washed off by now. So that will be the true test I think on how this type of leather would old out for everyday use.

    I never put this much effort into owning a bag. If it gets dirty the first day. I'll just let it be and tell myself that I'm just adding character to a bag.
  11. oh wow!!! i have never seen so many nightingales sitting together for a family pic!!!

  12. ooh, bag p*rn :yahoo: hehe.

    Loving everything guys! I really thought I'd have more than one Givenchy by now, but alas...

    Randr21, I want to grope every bag of yours! They all look divine!

    Really loving that clutch and panda NielNielniel

    Your bags are just as lovely PinkPeonies!

    Keep it coming folks!
  13. My small family of three.

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  14. omg that pandora... :heart:
  15. The studded version is called boston moyen.