Share your gift ideas!

  1. Since the holidas are rolling around..share your gift ideas with everyone!

    I just bought Wii games (Guitar Hero, Zelda, and Mario Galaxy) for my teen brothers.
    For teen girls- Scarves (try are very popular, so are North Face fleece jackets for the colder weather. Coach wristlets and keyfobs are nice stocking stuffers.

    As I do more shopping I will post more ideas. This is a great way to get advice on gifts for people.

    I love presents :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. For my Fiance and I, as the years roll on the gifts get harder and harder. We've got everything we need, and we don't want anymore useless items. So it gets hard. One of the things I recently purchased was a puzzle, and the puzzle's image was our picture. :love:
  3. I think I'm going to give everyone a digital picture frame.
    The best is filling a memory card of pictures for the person that they can just stick in
  4. ^^^Hmmm...great idea, I just bought the digital frame for my H, but it never occurred to me to add pictures..:tup:
  5. I like the idea of digital picture frames too. I will probably buy one for each of my grandparents in Korea and fill the memory card with pictures of my family and me. I miss them :sad: