Share Your Favorite & Funny YouTube Videos

  1. I have a bunch of videos I always watch when I need a good are a couple!

    Share some of yours :smile:

    Poor kitty
  2. I always knew that we Canadians had a good sense of humor...

  3. For the college football fan.....yes, I can make fun of my university :smile:

  4. This one is too cute....

  5. This one always cracks me up!

  6. ha that spider one is hilarious!
  7. Another one of my favs. This bird is really smart!

  8. One of my favorites is "Tea Party"
  9. And of course, "Shoes" (this one is NWS :p)
  10. And then "Hey Ya" Charlie Brown-style:
  11. omg that spider one is sooo funny.

    what's wrong with the cat in the first video?
  12. I love the spider one and the one with the bird!
  14. I like Shoes (as someone alread posted.) Also type in: Jeff Dunham Achmed The Dead Terrorist, The Mysterious Ticking Sound and Muffins. Those three are my favorites!