Share Your Experiences Buying BV in Italy

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  1. What has been your experience buying BV bags in Italy?

    --Are the prices in the BV stores and boutiques considerably less than the US (even with the USD/Euro conversion)?

    --Are there BV outlets with deeply discounted bags? if so, where? and do they carry classics (styles and colors) or just seasonal items?

    Finally, what have YOU purchased in Italy in the last year????

    Love to hear about your Italian deals and steals, and recommendations for buying!
  2. I wish I had experiences to relate - would love to go to Italy and shop for BV there! I do remember reading that there was at least one outlet somewhere in Italy... Hope you get lots of useful information!
  3. i actually got my first BV in Italy! I bought my beautiful magnolia large veneta in Milan and my mom got her campana in ebano there but that was in 2007. the prices were definitely less in europe because we got tax back. the service was as usual, impeccable.

    i didn't manage to go to the outlets in florence but i think there is a bv one there.
  4. I bought several bags and accessories from Ingrid at the Leccio BV outlet.
    She is not allowed to send photos, but she does send drawings. Her e-mail is:
  5. ^^^Lawbabe: did you feel it was worth your while to buy in Italy? what was the price difference-- US $ v. Euro?

    Im thinking of a medium ebano veneta, not something exotic or hard to find.
    I will do some research and contact the SA you mention.
  6. bags'rus, I also bought from Ingrid and she's super! I don't think they carry Veneta though. Those classic styles very rarely made it to the outlet. Ingrid did mention that once in a while it may come, but very rarely.

    Regarding price, I agree with jeshika, it's quite good deal when you get tax back.
  7. I was in Florence last October and visited the BV outlet store. I bought a torchon hobo in olive and khaki green. Also a belt for my son. Great prices! I am still waiting for my tax refund. The SA was very friendly and spoke great English.
    There was a nice selection of bags but I zeroed in on the one I liked and I don't remember the others.
    I suggest a visit to the outlets to anyone visiting the Florence area.
  8. do u get the tax back instantly? or would u have to wait? i heard some stores get it off the price when you pay. i prefer to pay in cash (too scared of the credit card charges)
  9. I paid cash for my bag but I still had to file for the tax refund. You can get the refund at the airport but I was in transit and was afraid I wouldn't have time. It took about 5 months for the tax refund to come through. I had it credited to my credit card account.

    PS- I saw the same BV bag that I bought in the Florence outlet at the Woodbury outlet for quite a bit more.