Share your disappointing eBay purchases...

  1. Not sure if this has been discussed, but I thought it would be interesting to talk about all the disappointing - seller lied/misrepresented - purchases that you've made (good chance to complain)...

    For me, most unforgettable (unforgivable?) are:
    - BNWT "never worn" jeans that arrived used and length altered
    - A jacket that had been worn "once" turned up with make up all over the lining and food stains
    - Worst and most recent - BNWT dress with makeup and PERIOD stains (read my rant in the disgusted thread)

    The first seller threatened me with -ve feedback when I complained. Second seller promised refund - never happened. Waiting for refund from the third.
  2. Hmmm...not sure about that site. I haven't seen anyone use this service. I don't really see the point...

    The don't guarantee the activities of their clients - don't know how they would. So I don't know what I'm paying for?

    As a buyer, I do my research before bidding. Research the seller. Research the product. True, the 3 sour transactions I've had showed I didn't research the sellers well enough, but I've also made a lot of good purchases as well. Even though the first two sellers refused me a refund, I was able to resell those two items as SECOND HAND after dry cleaning them and made a profit. You can make money by being honest!

    As a seller, I cannot refuse a buyer because they not a member of this group. And if I can't refuse buyers, I don't see how this group will protect me? Will they fight my battles for me if a buyer makes false claims against me?

    From the website, it sounds like all they do is provide both parties in dispute with contact information? You can get this from eBay.

    So I'm not certain what I'd be paying them for?

    The answer to one of their FAQ questions makes me uncomfortable.

    Are you mad? Why would anyone apply for registration?
    Bottom line is... dishonest people won't. So if someone isn't registered, and refuses to, given how cheap our fees are, why not? Honest people need to show others that they ARE honest, because you never can tell!

  3. I've actually been very lucky w/ ebay. I've been buying since 2000. I did get burned w/ a fake Gucci about a month into buying. Total bait and switch. She closed her account and suspended everything and I never got my money back. I'm sure she's still out there scamming away.....grrrrrrr....

  4. Nothing yet at this point and I hope nothing really comes up soon! I have been satisfied with everything so far. The least satisfying purchase was this silver dusted suede Coach bag. The description stated that there are scratches and such but the photos just could not catch it. When it came I saw the scratches but I can only see it at a certain angle up close so I was satisfied with it still.
  5. My annoying ebay experience was about 6 months ago. I listed something I knew was authentic and I offer returns regarding authenticity only. The buyer said my item was fake because I couldn't provide the reciept. I think it was buyers remorse.
  6. One time I bought a pair of shoes, it took 4 weeks to receive them AND the seller had sent the wrong shoes! Luckily they were really cheap so I wasnt freaking out. I sent them back and received a refund.
  7. Melted toffee in front pocket of Chloe bag recently, plus many pen marks and filthy lining that of course, the seller did not disclose – decided not to pursue the matter and send for professional cleaning.

    Another recent Chloe bag arrived with cigarette smoke smell – still trying to get rid of it. Lovely bag otherwise.

    Won an auction at a great price over the weekend only to have the seller send the bag to a consignment shop in less than 48 hours.
  8. i've had a few negative experiences, but it's not as bad as other ebay horror stories i've heard. these all happened a few years ago.

    - bought 2 dvds--seller used stock picture, sent me cheap bootlegs from China. the auctions were pulled after it ended, seller was naru'ed... all after i paid. i didn't lose out much money, though... just under $20.

    - bought fake pair of seven jeans. i should've asked for closer pics of the tag and such, but i just didn't even think about the possibility of fakes at the time. seller was nice about it, and refunded my money. she claimed that she didn't know they were fake, so i just gave her the benefit of the doubt.

    - i purchased a fake burberry scarf... bait and switch. seller used authentic photo, sent me a fake. the seller was naru'ed not too long after my transaction was completed, and i never got my money back. i lost about $50 that time.
  9. I have had phenomenal luck! The only real disappointments I have had occurred early in my "career" as an eBay shopper, and I have to acknowledge my own share of the blame.

    One of my first eBay purchases involved a long-sleeved cotton tee shirt I intended as a gift for Mr Puff. It had a design of a particular work of art that Mr Puff especially likes, and since cool weather was coming, I bought him one.

    I did not ask the seller any questions about the process used to make the t-shirt, and when it arrived, I saw that it was not screen-printed, or printed at all, but an "iron on" that peeled right off.

    I did not leave negative feedback, after all, it was up to me to educate myself about an item I would be buying sight unseen, I merely remarked on the seller's fast shipping, but ever since then, I have NEVER bought a t-shirt that had ANYTHING on it without first contacting the seller and getting a reply from them documenting exactly what process was used in getting the design on the shirt, and if the seller says I don't know I got it for my birthday, etc, I just wait for the next one!

    In another thread, I told the story of buying a beautiful bag without reading the dimensions, thus ending up with a beautiful evening bag as opposed to the full-sized one I had planned on. But I love it so much, and it is so fabulous, that I can't really call that a disappointment!
  10. I had my first disappointment just recently when I bought a Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag with BIN. I got out my tape measure and determined how big the bag would be irl, checked out the seller's feedback and even posted the bag to see if anyone knew what it was called. (no one did, red flag!) There were plenty of pics and I really thought I knew what I was getting. When it arrived, it was smaller than I expected and the bag doesn't feel like real leather. I didn't expect it to be a fake because I didn't think there were fakes of MBMJ! Anyway, I didn't leave negative feedback as I can't be sure that the seller really knew what she was selling since she had a bunch of different items for sale as if she picks stuff up at flea markets and redistributes them via ebay! She had a no return policy and I figured it wasn't worth the hassle to try to get my money back. My 13 yo dd now owns a red MBMJ bag! I just chalked it up to experience and will stay away from purchasing handbags off of ebay from now on. I feel fortunate that this is my worst experience with ebay.
  11. i constantly get things that are damaged when it's not mentioned in the listing.

    the worst was a few months ago- bought a nl suit. the whole thing was listed as a 10. i get it and the jacket and i think pants are a 10. skirt is a 6. the jacket had shoulder pads put in that no one mentioned. really terrible stitching too. the worst part- there was a ginormous huge honking security tag on the jacket! there was no way in heck to get it off! i sent it back, got a refund. the seller claimed she didn't know about the shoulder pads (i have the jacket in another color and knew they were not supposed to be there). she also knew the skirt was another size but said the measurements were so big she assumed they were mismarked. um, what? anyway she tried reselling it for a while- never mentioned the shoulder pads even though i told her twice she should since a nanette buyer would KNOW it's not supposed to have them. oy
  12. I have bought piles of stuff on ebay. I once bid on a Marc Jacobs silk velvet jacket and did not win. Lucky me- the seller contacted me after and asked if I wanted to make a "last chance" offer. i jumped at the chance- paid him through paypal, and never received by item or heard from him again. Because I did it off ebay (I didn't quite realize I did, but I did) there was nothing ebay could do. I learned my lesson and lost $75.

    Hard Lesson #1: Don't buy anything where you have to go outside of ebay. Be careful where a seller says "you can pay me directly thru paypal." This is going outside ebay, even when they send you the ebay page to make the offer.
    Hard lesson #2: Beware of fake second chance offers- this is apparently a common scheme.
    Hard Lesson #3: Research the seller well. Make sure they have lots of feedback (mine didn't --then disappeared).
    Hard lesson #4: Buy insurance for anything you are not quite sure will make it you, or anything over a certain $ amount.

    I hope this doesn't happen to you!!!
  13. Those are great tips chanellwyr!

    I admit I have done some off-eBay transactions, and again, luck was with me. However, when I have done that, I have done it with people who had actual established eBay "stores" and in the old days, they could also put links to their off-ebay store pages, so you could get more of a sense of them being an actual business, located in Xtown, started in 1974, look for our second location in the new Ytown mall soon blah blah. And with a phone number you could call, and speak to an actual human being before deciding to buy anything!
  14. I think I've been lucky. The worst thing I've gotten from eBay was a $200 fake Kooba. The leather was fabulous and it was actually a really good fake - I didn't figure it out for about four months - the only way I could tell was the number on the snap. Well, that and the fact that the little clippy thing inside broke after I'd worn it for a few weeks. But everything else was dead-on.

    By the time I learned it was fake, I'd already left positive feedback, so I just chalked it up to a lesson learned. Now I'm MUCH more careful on eBay! I can't bring myself to wear it now, and I can't sell it or even give it away, but maybe I'll donate it to Goodwill.