SHARE YOUR December PCE HERE (post if you need one)

  1. If anyone has a PCE they won't be using, I just found something my mom would love and could definitely use a PCE! It is appreciated! :smile:
    Thanks and Happy Holidays!
  2. Hi I hope it's not too late to ask, but if you have a coach pce that you would like to share pleas let me know I would be so grateful. :biggrin::biggrin:
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    I really could use one and I don't have private messaging because I'm new. Please send one ^_^

    I have been drooling over Coach for over a year now and am still paying off student loans and have my sister's wedding coming up. If anyone isn't using their PCE could you please PM me your code? I really can't get my bag without one *puppy eyes*

    If anyone isn't using theirs I really could use the 25% off, need a new bag for my sister's wedding right after New Year's (and really, what's better than a Coach bag for Christmas? This would be my first!)
  4. Edit: Please disregard. It looks like my online code isn't working for some reason. Sorry.
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    I tried to use it and it said it was already used :sad: Thank you though!
  6. I definitely haven't used it. I even got an email today reminding me. Weird.
  7. When I called them they said they were having issues with the website accepting them, fudge :sad: Since I wasn't sent one they wouldn't let me use the discount, they said the person sent it would have to call to use it *le sigh*
  8. Hmmm... well, you can always edit your post and take out the code since I already deleted it from mine. Maybe you'll be able to use it on the site later.
  9. Done. Thanks!
  10. Woohoo! I got it to work! MichelleJY, you're my hero today ^_^
  11. That's wonderful. Please do a reveal of your very first Coach when it arrives. :smile:
  12. does anyone have one to share? i asked before, but i havent gotten one yet =/
  13. I have a code that I haven't used. first to pm gets it =)
  14. I have a code as well. Send me a PM if you still need one!
  15. I want your PCE please share it with me!!!