SHARE YOUR December PCE HERE (post if you need one)

  1. you do need to be invited usually, they do check for that, otherwise every coach tpfer here would just call and order instead of having a trade PCE card thread ;)
  2. I had great luck calling a store looking for a bag. I had never used the store before but thought they might still have the bag as it is not in a metropolitan area. I mentioned the PCE event going on and the SA gave me the discount on the purse and on 3 key fobs. So it does happen.
    Because this SA was so helpful in finding my items (even at other stores) and extending me the discount when she didn't have to, I will be calling her any time I want to order a Coach bag even though the store is 200 miles away.
  3. i see its been moved to the appropriate forum :smile:
  4. do you mind pm me your sa?
  5. also what is PCE?
  6. If the PCE has indeed been extended till the 19th, can someone *please* PM their unused code so I can get some goodies?


    Thanks :smile:
  7. Hi I'm looking for an extra PCE. Please send me the code if you are not going to use yours. TY.
  8. If anybody has a PCE that they don't plan on using I would love to receive it. Feel free to pm me with a pce and I'll do a reveal of my purchases later on. Thanks
  9. Hi all, actually trying to buy my wife who is 3 months pregnant her Christmas present(wanted to get her the Waverly Baby Bag - 15561 - Pink/Khaki) but its SOLD OUT all over N. Jersey and S. Jersey. I even called two PA stores to see if any of the other stores have it and its sold out across PA as well. I then realized the 30% off Factory is not good for the Boutique stores(I'm a guy, don't really know the difference). So now I am stuck between Style#16001(Black) or #14800(Black). A few questions?

    -Would this be an ok gift to give being only 3 months in, I figured she could use it on and off between the other Coach Bag I had purchased for her last year and then load it with Baby goodies come July?

    -Should I go for a more "normal" Coach bag and think of this next year?

    -Anyone have a spare PCE they could send? Help would be greatly appreciated. Gonna visit the Boutique tonight after 7(work) and see the two bags in person and make my decision then unless others have a good recommendation.
  10. There are baby bags at the outlet (made for outlet) with the 30% off coupon right now. Try that if an outlet is near you
  11. Appreciate the response Paula, just worried about the "quality" issues I've read on this forum with the Outlet(i've been reading this site for the better part of the day, weird for a guy to but I digress). That and I wish I knew what they had in stock so my drive isn't a waste :sad:

    I don't want to go off-topic on this thread so I'll let it revert back to PCE requests =).

    I thank you again for your response =)