SHARE YOUR December PCE HERE (post if you need one)

  1. I have a PCE I will not be using. PM me if you would like the online code.
  2. PCE is taken
  3. Taken
  4. And yet another one I will not get around to using. Been sick during BOTH of the past two PCE's.
  5. i have a PCE up for grabs. PM me if you need one. sorry for the late notice, i totally forgot about it.
  6. Curious as to when the current PCE ends?
  7. I still need one! For some reason the one I got wouldn't work at all.
  8. If anyone happen to have a PCE you don't use please share it with me >o< Thanks, love.
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    I'm a new member here, and really appreciate if anyone could share a PCE code with me xxoo Thx a bunch!!!! xxx :smile:
  10. If anyone has a PCE to share, would you kindly please share, thanks a lot!
  11. Hello all Coach Lovers,

    My husband can't decide what to give me for Christmas, so he leaves it up to me to decide and holy moly I have decided to purchase my FIRST Coach ever. However; the bag I love costs $700, I am looking for coupons/discount codes. If you have not and not using it, would you mind PM me, I am most grateful.

    Tis the Seasons to share :yahoo:
  12. The PCE event ended on Sunday, so there aren't any discounts for the FP boutiques available right now.
  13. I would call Coach & let them know what you would like and tell them you never got a coupon and I bet you'll end up with the discount on your new purchase. They usually are just sweethearts on the phone and willing to help in any way ;)
  14. In the PCE thread several people have commented that the PCE has been extended through Sunday the 19th because of the internet issues Coach had last weekend. Hope this helps!

  15. I second that! I never had a trouble get 25% off any time I called the store to place an order.