Share your December 2018 lovely Louis Vuitton purchases!!!

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  1. but you have to pay complete while ordering, correct?
    (that is what the call center agent told me … i hope to be on the list soon.)
  2. 4BE6EC94-6D91-47D3-9CA5-AADEC0443306.jpeg D6764209-4948-4866-9105-CDF1F50CBB21.jpeg BC831C74-1948-424B-ADB6-42F07EB67E4D.jpeg My awesome husband surprised me with the Catogram Neverfull !! I’m so excited.
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  3. Yes, if you order a purse that is in-stock on LV’s website, you would have to charge your payment card upfront for the entire amount. I was notified by my Saks Sales Associate when this bag was in-stock so I was able to charge my Saks card.
  4. Lovely congrats.

    Gorgeous pieces, congrats.

    Very nice, congrats.
  5. sorry, but in my case it was different. :smile:

    on the german vuitton site there is no possibility to order a pochette metis. you have to call a special number.

    i did and the call center agent told me that maybe in about two weeks i will get a call and could put on a list but have to pay directly the complete price (1.390 euro).

    then i have to wait ... two, three or more months. :sad:
  6. Great additions, congrats!
  7. IMG_6240.JPG IMG_6243.JPG IMG_6250.JPG
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  8. Loving this colorful scarf [​IMG]
  9. Gorgeous!!
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  10. Beautiful items. I too have the Ponthieu PM in Marine and think it is a great bag. Light and easy to carry. I am surprised its not more popular.
  11. A34EEC11-21A7-4E8B-88E0-188963E03B2F.jpeg All I can do is go backwards!
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