Share your December 2018 lovely Louis Vuitton purchases!!!

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  1. Love it!! Very cute. My favourite print of the 2 animation ones this year. Hard to score this one fyn! Congrats
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  2. I’m back to LV after a 10 year hiatus. Saw the Siena and fell in lvoe...:biggrin:

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  3. IMG_0419.jpeg IMG_0421.jpeg Technically I bought the Ponthieu PM in black empreinte at the end of November, but I never posted it. I added the beautiful Flower compact wallet in mono and black leather today! Both pieces are amazing! The Ponthieu is one of the most comfortable and best LV handbags I have ever purchased (and I have purchased a lot!!!). The wallet is also functional and holds a lot! Love sharing!
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  4. Early Christmas presents:
  5. Aye you got something!!! Hooray. Haven’t seen you purchase anything in a while. Congrats, all very nice pieces
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  6. Thank you! I’ve been mostly purse content which is why I’ve slowed down, but I see myself getting addicted to LV’s fine jewelry now hehe.
  7. Adding to December with my early Christmas present from my darling hubby & work (hubbys my boss hahaha)

  8. Enjoy your new bag!
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  9. Finally got my hands on the Pochette Métis after waiting for what felt like forever (about two months) lol.

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  10. Enjoy xxx
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  11. I've been pretty purse content this year so this is my first purchase in months. Love the container and can't wait to use it for something else. I also can't believe how heavy that little lid is!

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  12. [​IMG][​IMG]

    I been eyeing the cluny Bb since last year but always leave with something else. Today I decided to take her home. Backpack was an unexpected purchase, try her on and love how light and soft it felt plus it fit A LOT. I think this backpack will be my go to for traveling!
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  13. What are you looking for in a bag?
    I have the Sully. It is a beautiful bag but a little more ‘dressy’ than the Manhattan.
  14. How delightful! I have the same bag and I love how this looks, esp with mono print.
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  15. r 20181205_201023.jpg 20181205_201209.jpg 20181205_201328.jpg 20181205_201322.jpg 20181205_195855.jpg 20181205_200046 (1).jpg
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