Share your December 2018 lovely Louis Vuitton purchases!!!

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  1. Do you live in Paris? I bet it's a bit stressful right now. My family down south has had some issues but nothing like it the capital. In the long run, I trust that things will be fine. The protests will end up going away. Granted, I am waiting to see what the government's response will be this week. En tous cas, je préfère les gilets jaunes que les sapins rouges de la maison blanche! :heart: As for Louis Vuitton, are you buying something this month?
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  2. My first LV!! received the Neverfull in DA and I purchased the zippy purse in DA. This is going to be my summer bag so I have to wait until next year until I can use it ☹️
    Will the base piping become more exposed once there has been some use and weight in the bag? [​IMG]
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  3. Congrats! Damier Azur is very elegant!
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  4. No I’m living in the south too. But I’m parisian. And since yesterday I watch the TV and it’s terrific. I’m afraid that the protests will not end quickly. I’m waiting too to the government’s response. The luxury stores are closed on the Champs Elysées and Chanel has been completely broken. I’m waiting for a pre loved speedy Aurore because I don’t find something I like for the moment. I have a new Néo Noé in épi black but I need pink/burgundy.
    Ah oui j’ai vu les sapins rouges de la Maison Blanche !!!! C’est très spécial !!!!
    j’attends la collection printemps maintenant en souhaitant qu’il y ait du fuchsia ou violet ....
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  5. Nano Speedy ❤️

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  6. So adorable! Enjoy!
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    My DBF picked up two things from my Christmas wish list

    The Shawl in PDA
    The color is absolutely beautiful

    The Stellar Sneaker Boot in Noir

    The third item on my wish list does not exist I would love the Blanche BB in Scarlet
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  8. Very cute
  9. 45B9E308-CC48-46FE-9D1B-A8D91B887246.jpeg A small but useful goodie
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  10. Bought this in Venice. Surprised that they have 2 Pochette Metis in stocks currently!

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  11. The 2 PMs, what prints were they. Just out of curiosity.
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  12. Monogram!
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  13. The rabat epi key pouch and the Christmas mini pochette xboth. Absolutely love how functional the key pouch is.

  14. B829C418-A91C-4147-BA24-479B3EA0D19A.jpeg BE03AC12-6CB5-4988-A1CC-1552868EEC86.jpeg FAF70DE2-CEED-456C-A974-558BBCD7A79F.jpeg My early christmas gift from DH. been looking for this for quite sometime now since i pass from buying it last April. i tried to get it from europe but i was so unlucky, trying to get it here in dubai but no stock and i cant wait to get my hands on it. I have the pallas clutch and i always use it as an everyday bag but i dont want to overuse this beauty so decided to go preloved for the PA NM. i found a very good condition preloved PA NM 2012 and its almost brandnew. i feel so lucky and its a merry christmas for me. Thanks for letting me share my december purchase.
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  15. 2DCB0371-0DD8-4F46-B6C0-AEDFD52F4D68.jpeg Hubby got me 2 bags last week. The Keepall 45 and the Manhattan purse. I’m not sure if I should exchange the Manhattan for something else? I just saw the black and cream sully online. What do you guys think?