Share your cute pet moments

  1. Last night I was sitting on my couch, my laptop on my..lap and Maya jumps up and puts her paws on my shoulder and snuggles her head into my neck, so I give her smooches. I was all 'aww you're giving me a hug' then she starts climbing up me and perches her bottom on my shoulder, so I give it smooches, :lol: then she climbs all the way to the top of the couch and lays down behind me. She's never done this before, and recently we have helped her up there because she's been interested in exploring the top of the couch, but she's a bit of a scaredy-cat! My brave little girl! haha:love:

    Anyone else have any cute stories to share?
  2. Lately Lucy has been trying to keep me from tying my shoes because she knows that means I'm leaving (my only laced shoes are for work or walking). I'll be looping my laces and still stick her head under my hand and try to push it off the shoe (while snorting loudly of course). It's too cute!
  3. ^ awwwww!!! *dies*

    That's adorable.
  4. We had a dog that would put her paws on our shoulders when we were sitting in a chair. She would just look in our eyes and of course we'd pet her and tell her what a pretty girl she was.

    Another would greet us when we got home by standing on her hind legs and putting her front paws on either side of our waist, like she was hugging us. I loved that.
  5. ^ haha! That's so cute! What's better than pet hugs?!
  6. When my baby wants a scratch, she grabs my hand with her paw, or at least she tries to pull it/scratch it with her paw. If I want to play with her by ignoring her, she will start 'talking' like a cat. It's really cute.
  7. ^^^lol grabs your hand with her paw! I can see it. That reminds me of another one. One of our dogs had a couple ways to tell my husband that she wanted to go for a walk. If his legs were crossed, she would "paw" them apart (like TravelBug's cat). If she was really serious, she'd go get the outdoor boots in the utility room and bring them into the LR and drop them on the floor in front of him. (as if to say, ok dummy, when are you going to catch on?)
  8. When my cat wants to play fetch he drops his toy mouse at my feet and looks up at me. Everytime he does it I laugh because he really thinks he's a dog.
  9. Hey Boxermom - sorry, I should have said ... my baby is a little dog. :P And she 'talks' sometimes - it's like she is trying to communicate to us verbally. She also barks when she needs to go outside, when she is hungry, and when she wants to play - she just keeps barking at us by the door (go out), by her food bowl (food) and her toys (play). When the food is too hot or hard (she is old and we need to soak her kibbles in hot water), she barks at the food until we make it 'right' for her. :yes: :lol:
  10. My lil dog, he's so spoiled and headstrong, everytime he sees us eating something he will automatically sits down next to us and just stare (the look: oh, I havent eaten for 5 days, please have mercy for me -- my grandma always fall for it, LOL!). After a while, if we ignore him, he'll scratch our legs as if to say: hey, I'm down here!
    It's not cute actually, well sometimes it is, LOL.. but it's just becoming his trademark so I thought I mention it.

    Another cute moment is when he wants be cuddled. Originally he is soo anti cuddle. When he sleeps on the bed he will take the farthest spot near the feet, wont tolerate being hugged, put on laps, etc. But sometimes (very rare occassions) he does want to be cuddled and loved by mama, and he'll jump on the bed and will just dig dig dig and then snuck his way into me, giving me slobbery kisses. I knew that when he does that, he wants to be hugged and kissed back. I put the bed cover over him and will just play for a while. I love those moments.

    Thanks for letting me share. Others' stories are very cute and moving too. Those are the moments that no money can buy and we'll cherish forever. I am just glad that I have animals, I cant imagine life w/o them.
  11. I am such a wuss when it comes to my boy Shia (tuxedo cat). When ever he gets sleepy in the family room and I'm laying on the sofa watching TV, he'll come and sit right in front of me and stare for a long time. That means, "Get the hell off the sofa, mommy so I can go to sleep". And what do I do? Move to the loveseat, of course! He's such a mommy's boy!
  12. I love all these stories--what would we do without our animals?

    TravelBug--If I'd read carefully, I'd know you're talking about a dog. Dumb me. A couple of our dogs have been "talky" and it's so funny. The weird part is when you get to the point of understanding their different talking and barking sounds and what they want.

    print*model--A friend had a lab who would stare at you if you were sitting in her place on the sofa and if you didn't move quickly enough she'd bark at you.

    blue--that does sound like a dog trick! That must be so cute when your cat does that!

    sarahcantiik--how nice that your dog feels safe enough with you to want to cuddle. I love the feel of my pet next to me. It's instantly calming.

    lucy--that sounds exactly like our pets; they can use their heads and paws in amazing ways to get their point across!

    Danica--Thanks for starting this thread. I love hearing about others' pets and how special they are to us.
  13. print*model, I have to confess now that I am such a WUSS too when it comes to my dog and cats *hiding in shame*. I am not the master like it's supposed to be. My dog (especially) knows which buttons to push to get what he wants from me. My cats, well coz there are 4 of them (as opposed to my dog who lives alone in my house. I keep them separate, cats in the office, dog at home.) they are not as bad as my dogs, LOL. But still there are moments when they boss me around, hehehe. When I arrive at the office, all my cats will starts purring and yapping, they know that it's meal time coz mama's here. I then let them out of the cage one by one and let them run wild at the office. They are very good companies, sometimes I am stressed out at work and I just look at their antics and instantly I felt good again.

    boxermom, my lil dog is very anti social, anti cuddle, anti hug, etc. That's why in the rare events that he does wants to be loved, I am giving it all to him. The lil guy can be mellow too sometimes, LOL!

    Keep the stories comin'..