Share your current Playlist/Itunes list

  1. I'm always on the hunt for new and interesting music. Please share some of your latest downloads.

    Come on Eileen- Dexy's Midnight Runners
    Sister Kate- The Ditty Bops
    Push the Little Daisies- Ween
    Blue Rondo a la Turk- Dave Brubeck
    Dirty Harry- Gorillaz
    Sir Duke- Stevie Wonder
    Like a Feather- Nikka Costa
    Hypnotise- Notorious BIG
    Dy na MyTee- Miss Dynamite
  2. Goodbye Lenin - Yann Tiersen
    Summer of '78 - Yann Tiersen
    Chinese moon - Surferosa
    Glôsôli - Sigurd Ròs
    Smalltown boy - Bronski beat
  3. On random it's:

    Here I Come (Jungle Mix) - Barrington Levy
    Ultra Obscene - Breakbeat Era
    Talk to Me - Fat Jon and the Ample Solution
    You Don't Love Me (No More) - Dawn Penn
    Time is Running Out - Muse
    Boomblast - Freestylers
    Koi no Buchiage Tengoku - Maeken Trance Project
    All Alone - Gorillaz
    I Wanna be Your Dog - Iggy Pop
    Lebanese Blonde - Thievery Corporation
  4. Tomorrow-Tamia
    Imaginary Player-Jay-Z
    Me & U - Cassie
    A Song for U - Donnie Hathaway
    I Will Always Love You- Troop
    Walkaway-Kelly Clarkson
    Tonight I Wanna Cry- Keith Urban
    You were mine- Dixie Chicks
  5. Blue Savannah-Erasure
    Who Knew-Pink
    Control Myself-LL Cool J and J-Lo
    She's Out Of My Life-Michael Jackson
    Has It Come To This-The Streets
    Remember The Time-Michael Jackson
    Americanos-Holly Johnson
    Genius of Love (12" version)-Tom Tom Club
    New York-Ja Rule

    As you can see, I have quite eclectic taste in music! :flowers:
  6. These are fabulous! Thanks!

    Some more of mine:
    Afroman- Cause I got high
    Cypress Hill- Dr. GreenThumb
    Big Country- In a big country
    Ditty Bops "You're heads too big" (on new album)
    Matisyahu- Beat Box
    Sorry- Jem
  7. This is what's on my current playlist:

    Lori McKenna- Beautiful Man
    Lori McKenna- Stealing Kisses
    Alison Krauss and Union Station- When you say nothing at all
    The Fray- How to Save a Life
    Rascal Flatts- Skin (Sarabeth)
    James- Laid
    James Blunt- Good-bye My Lover
    Flogging Molly-If I Ever Leave this World Alive
    Damien Rice- Amie
    Jewel-Again and Again
    Weezer- Perfect Situation
  8. the last few days, the only song i've been listening to on iTunes is "MakeDamnSure" off of Taking Back Sunday's new cd. it's an excellent song!

    i listened to "Every Man Has a Molly" by Say Anything about a million times in the car today, as well.
  9. Playlist I am listening to right this moment:

    I'm Not Alright - Grandaddy
    Hollow Log - Beck
    I Wish I Was The Moon - Neko Case
    The Cigarette Girl From The Future - Beauty Pill
    My First Time Volume 3 - Spoon
    Ooh La La - The Faces
    Panic Open String - Calexico
    Bar Italia - Pulp
    Lily And Parrots - Sun Kil Moon
    Nothing More's Gonna Get In My Way - Supergrass
    Spray - Lois
    What Was Wound - Unwound
    Under The Blanket - Smoking Popes
    The Longer I Lay Here - Pedro The Lion
    Lull - Radiohead
    Holland - Sufjan Stevens
  10. Beautiful Mess - Diamond Rio
    Refuge - John Legend
    Perfect -Sara Evans
    CFome back to bed - John Mayer
    Climb to Saftey - Widespread Panic
    At Last - Etta James
    Suga Suga - Baby Bash (Frankie J)
    It's Oh So Quiet - Bjork
    Cabin in the Sky - Ella Fitzgerald
    When you're mad - NeYo
    Almost like Being in Love - Nat King Cole
    Encore/Numb - Jay Z/Lynkin Park
    Video - India Arie
    Cookie Jar - Jack Johnson

    I should add that I have 19gb of music on my IPOD and have yet to hook it up to my MP3 hard drive :smile: Choosing is tough!
  11. I have Ne-yo - In my on words on heavy rotation
  12. All tanya stephens
    Sean Paul - temperature
    Mariah Carey remix - so lonely
    John legend - lets get lifted
  13. hmm. i've been listening to one playlist constantly for the past few weeks.. and it includes about 60 songs. i'll just name off a handful of them:

    lindsay lohan - confessions of a broken heart
    kelly clarkson - because of you
    papa roach - broken home
    linkin park - from the inside
    u2 - walk on
    il divo feat celine dion - i believe in you
    my chemical romance - the ghost of you
    madonna - i'm so stupid
    celine dion - all by myself
    madonna - american life
    madonna - human nature
    rent soundtrack - seasons of love
    madonna - frozen
    kelly clarkson - breakaway
    linkin park - runaway
    sigur ros - hoppipolla
    celine dion - i surrender
    madonna - easy ride
    christina aguilera - a voice within
    emmylou harris - a love that will never grow old
    celine dion - dance with my father
    linkin park - in the end.

    yea. that's a handful of the most played songs in my playlist. not a lot of new or unheard of songs. but all good songs. even lindsay lohan.
  14. Instead of making a huge list of all that I've purchased from iTunes, I'll just say that I've got a lot of Depeche Mode, Morrisey, and Love and Rockets.
  15. lol. huge list. i have over 15gigs of music on my ipod. that is one HUGE list. mostly celine dion and madonna.