Share Your Coach Work/Everyday Bag Here and tell us why you love it. :-)

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  1. I'm going to switch sometime, but at the moment it's my Legacy Shoulder Camel. I have her for like 2 weeks and I'm so in love with her! She goes with everything, she's the perfect color, size, shape, appearance.
  2. The Legacy is TDF. :smile: Very nice.
  3. #18 Jul 12, 2009
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    Here's my new siggy stripe top handle pouch in black/gunmetal. It's perfect for work as it keeps me from lugging around a bunch of stuff I don't need! I even clip my keys on the handle (since they don't fit inside). I'm so happy with this bag (my second legacy piece). And this picture was actually taken at work on my lunch break.

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  4. That's way too cute and what a great idea on the keys! :nuts:

  5. Mine too!
  6. My Large Zoes (Brown, Green Patent, and now Berry Patent), Large Black Carly, Legacy MFF Slim Tote, LV-GM Neverfull, LV Speedy 35, Hampton Weekender, etc......are my work/play bags. :graucho:

    Why do I love them? They fit everything so nicely, carry well, and look absolutely amazing. I can't get enough of carrying them.
  7. I use all my bags for work... Even the clutches (on Fridays when I need to take less)... Right now I have my 6M-4922 SONOMA SLING (Vintage & Red) it is totally roomy and gorgeous..
  8. For my work bag I use my Heritage Stripe XL Tote in gunmetal. I love love this bag because it holds EVERYTHING! I pile all my folders, planbooks, etc. in it and go on about my day. My laptop also fits in it very nicely.
  9. Black leather Julianne!

    Such a versatile bag, and I love having the option to go crossbody and be totally hands-free. It zips completely, is large enough for papers/files/books, and looks both modern and elegant. I love her!
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    All of my bags are used for work/play purposes...I don't discriminate :P
    But if I had to pick faves it would be my Black Gigi and Espresso Julianne. They are both super roomy and classy looking, and of course the leather on them is gorgeous :tup:
    Pics are in my album :yes:
  11. My Black Patent Zoe has been my go-to bag lately!