Share Your Coach Work/Everyday Bag Here and tell us why you love it. :-)

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  1. Ok, I'm starting with my large Sabrina Op Art with my old Ipod Shuffle in Signature Ipod Shuffle case. I use my old Shuffle now as a flash drive to transfer files from work to home. The Sabrina have tons of room even for my lunches. :biggrin:

  2. Tomorrow will b black leather sAbrina
  3. Ooooh.... can't wait to see it. Show some pics please! :smile:
  4. My Coach Work/Everyday Bag are the ZOE's (silver or black) because they are so comfortable to wear, lightweight, stylish, sturdy, full zip closure, handsfree shoulder strap, and fun.

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  5. You are so lucky to be able to wear a Zoe. They are beautiful. :drool:
  6. My everyday bag is the heritage stripe top handle pouch. I love how care free the coated canvas is.

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  7. Wow. Very pretty! :biggrin:
  8. All of my purses come to work with me, they take turns!
  9. Here is the best everyday bag - my large leather Zoe!!!!! It holds a ton and you look so classy and stylish wearing this bag. Coach large leather Zoe.jpg
  10. Is that the large or XL?
  11. Oh soooo pretty. :nuts:
  12. My everyday bag is each and every one of my bags. If I happen to want to take a $1,000 bag to work with me, then that's the one that I take. The next day I may take a $100 bag with me. It all depends on my mood of the day and what goes best with my outfit.
  13. All of my bags are "everyday" bags. I don't change bags too frequently.

    The bag I'm currently carrying is the Made for Factory red patnent ergo hobo.
  14. OK, I'm either totally out to lunch or the post was edited after I asked whether it was large or XL - embarrassing - sorry. :shame:

  15. ^^^^ Me too.